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Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 15:00
#MediaInNumbers - @SNICKERS Take The @SuperBowl! All this and more in our latest Media in Numbers -
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 11:44
Facebook begins testing ads mid-video to open up further revenue streams -
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 15:20
Live streaming and more, @MarketingWeekEd predicts four trends that will change the media landscape this year.
Tweet : Dec 19th 2016 11:22
.@Amazon GO 'queueless shopping' and Assassin’s Creed stunt! All this and more in our latest Media in Numbers -
Tweet : Dec 13th 2016 12:22
Facebook announces Live 360 video for @facebook Live! How will marketers embrace this technology?
Tweet : Dec 9th 2016 15:59
Reindeer delivering pizza and the @BBCR1 content plans. All this and more in our latest Media in Numbers.
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 10:36
''If you don’t evolve, create and innovate, then you’re not going to grow and reflect how people evolve.''
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 14:00
8 simple tips to improve your online conversion rates, Greg from SEO gives his top insights -
Tweet : Nov 21st 2016 15:57
Thanks @RadioEssex for selecting us for #TeamTime We're loving the songs and scrummy cakes!
Tweet : Nov 21st 2016 09:04
@BrazilSt1 One team escaped the others should still be locked in!
Tweet : Nov 18th 2016 15:08
Check out the great Brand News Trade Ad we have booked for @DelMonteFresh as a precursor for their 125 years celebration!
Tweet : Oct 27th 2016 12:44
Bmmmmmmmmmm! ?? The RP2 plane is back in its hanger. #VR
Tweet : Jul 26th 2016 10:24
It’s a proud moment for RP2 as we finally get to see our seven furry friends released into the world! #Oddbods #Pogo
Tweet : Jul 12th 2016 12:51
MEDIA IN NUMBERS: This weekend BBC scored highly in sports ratings battle with both Wimbledon and Euros coverage.
Tweet : Jul 8th 2016 15:57
This week sees the launch Bensons for Beds latest film partnership with The BFG. It's big!
Tweet : Jun 16th 2016 15:31
Pizza, beer and football; not a bad way to spend the afternoon! Come on England. #EURO2016 #eng
Tweet : Jun 7th 2016 12:53
Another instalment of the 365-day WMSH challenge from the creatives. Check us out on Instagram for more @WMSHWall.
Tweet : Jun 2nd 2016 11:49
We are at the Business in Essex #DBIE2016 event @ChelmsfordCRC today. If you are attending come and say hello.
Tweet : Jun 1st 2016 17:06
@fiftyminus2 ha! If only we did advertising for @CHANEL x
Tweet : Jun 1st 2016 16:47
@fiftyminus2 Hi Sharon, we see you love & support Floradix, we love that too! Plz could you follow us, so we can DM & send you free gifts?
Tweet : May 20th 2016 13:07
Great job to Fran Bartoli & Dan Jones for raising money for @TheJsHospice #pedalforthejs!
Tweet : May 6th 2016 11:03
April WMSH | Post-it notes challenge by RP2 Media & More Follow us on Instagram @WMSHwall |
Tweet : Apr 6th 2016 11:49
RT @JoLiStudios: Check out this time-lapse video of a dual use set we built and dressed for @RP2Global nifty! https
Tweet : Apr 6th 2016 10:55
Our designer Paolo has had his design chosen as the front cover of the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine.
Tweet : Mar 17th 2016 17:26
Exterion Media win TFL Underground Outdoor Contact
Tweet : Mar 9th 2016 10:00
@VickGuthrie Hi Vick, please send a CV and covering letter to
Tweet : Mar 1st 2016 10:41
RT @StuH911: Snowy morning in Munich. Ready for tour of Salus Haus. #Floradix @RP2Global
Tweet : Feb 9th 2016 12:27
Shrove Tuesday got off to a roaring start at @RP2Global this morning with a pancake race! #PancakeDay
Tweet : Feb 9th 2016 10:25
RT @keepupwithjones: Pancake races @RP2Global. @lee_callaghan getting in the zone. #PancakeDay
Tweet : Jan 15th 2016 12:10
Latest viewing figures for Oddbods on CITV are just in; over 1 million kids are watching. Go Oddbods!

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