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Tweet : Jul 12th 2017 19:13
RT @ElGrinchos: One of our @RibenaUK teams in Burton today providing free, chilled bottles in tasty flavours! Make it more #Ribenary ! @TRO
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 12:41
RT @RtlDesignExpo: Check out what Ben Taylor of @TROexperiential had to say about #RDE2017. To be part of 2018 contact the team on info@ret
Tweet : Jul 9th 2017 08:28
RT @ScottyNutrition: Fantastic photo Fantastic Day! Thanks to @TROexperiential @FreshLogistics for an awesome team effort! Cold #Ribena to
Tweet : Jul 7th 2017 11:55
"I'm just leaving a building, not the people,as I've made lifelong friends here at TRO" Beautiful parting words from @Katie_norwood76 today
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 17:43
RT @Horn_83: And that's a wrap for @MINIUK #goodwoodFOS2017 Super proud of the stand and to have worked with so many great people @TROexper
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 17:20
@ENiamhOBrien @Snapchat @snapchatsupport Sorry to hear about this Emily, @snapchatsupport are ready to help & expecting to hear from you, please head over to
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2017 22:24
The sun sets on another @fosgoodwood until next year that's a #wrap #finishline
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2017 16:17
RT @MINIUK: The #MINI #JohnCooperWorks range, showcasing our racing DNA at @fosgoodwood. #MINIFOS
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2017 11:40
And in other non-Goodwood related news...
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2017 09:09
Last day @fosgoodwood for your chance to explore #BMW Retail Online on the #BMWGoodwood stand #creativetech #immersive #experience
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2017 09:05
What a weekend #fos #MINIFOS
Tweet : Jul 1st 2017 11:34
RT @SmithsonPhil: Sunny Superbike Saturday at Snetterton with @vauxhall @TROexperiential
Tweet : Jun 30th 2017 18:44
RT @Eventmagazine: BMW delivers 'Luxe' experience at Goodwood Festival of Speed #experiential #eventprofs @TROexper
Tweet : Jun 30th 2017 10:12
RT @JessicaPycroft: Live day 2 #FoS #gfos #Vauxhall @TROexperiential @VauxhallEngland
Tweet : Jun 30th 2017 00:38
Good-first-night ???? @fosgoodwood #centralfeature #nightlight #seeyoutomorrow
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 19:08
RT @Eventmagazine: Vauxhall creates immersive experience at Goodwood Festival of Speed #experiential #eventprofs @T
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 15:22
RT @LouSmi2: @MINI stand looking fantastic @fosgoodwood @TROexperiential ????????????
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 14:03
RT @LouSmi2: Enjoying #familyfun #summer @vauxhall @fosgoodwood @TROexperiential ????????
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 14:02
RT @FMBEAwards: With @BMW admiring the coolest online fact shop at #GoodwoodFOS with @TROexperiential
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 10:24
Check out the @vauxhall #TechnologyStation @fosgoodwood #familyfun #experience #creativetech
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 10:21
Pay us a visit @BMW_UK #Pavilion @fosgoodwood #ultimatedrivingmachine
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 10:17
And we're off at the 2017 @fosgoodwood @BMW_UK #MovingMotorshow #startline
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 16:45
The stage is set for another Festival @fosgoodwood #adrenalinpumping #onyourmarks #getset
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 18:54
Love is in the air in Belfast @match_UK ????#launch #perfectmatch #summerloving
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 16:32
Hi viz, Creative Director @PTrapnell and a hint of metal must be @fosgoodwood #build #sunshine #experiential #eventprofs
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 10:49
RT @NickstrangeNs: @TROexperiential over the water at the Antrim Game & Country Fair #emeraldisle
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 15:48
Old school Manc @RebeccaRynehart over from @TROAustralia dropped into our #Manchester office today #gdaymate #spotthevegemite
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 15:45
RT @EventNews_Today: .@TROexperiential creates three new student placement roles
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 15:14
Great planning session at our #Manchester office with @SBSHallam @sheffhallamuni #experientialmarketingdegree #students #nextgen
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 13:59
RT @LouSmi2: #bacon #BBQ @TROexperiential today to mark the late great Tom Gentle's birthday #TG #GoneButNotForgotten ????
News : Dec 10th 2015 by Sarah Mayo
TRO picks up 3 new awards for the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone, including the prestigious Grand Prix Award at the IMC European Awards
News : Dec 8th 2015 by Sarah Mayo
Michael Wyrley-Birch, TRO’s COO for the EMEA region, was last night named the most influential person in the events industry...

Tenderstem - Experiential Roadshow
Experiential Roadshow
Experiential marketing
A 3 week experiential roadshow which saw Tenderstem® enjoy a 31% increase in sales on year before.
Jan 4th 2016 15:00:28
Nissan - UEFA Champions League Final Sponsorship Activation
UEFA Champions League Final Sponsorship Activation
Experiential marketing
A interactive and celebratory brand experience at the Champions League Festival in Berlin.
Jan 4th 2016 14:58:31
Ribena - Crazy Golf Roadshow
(Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd)
Crazy Golf Roadshow
Experiential marketing
A sensorial experience where consumers could trial different flavours of Ribena while playing golf.
Jan 4th 2016 14:57:04
Telstra - Fabric of Society
Fabric of Society
Experiential marketing
Interactive window and in-store engagement for Telstra in Sydney
Jan 4th 2016 14:55:40
British Airways - Bringing Britain Closer: Tom Kerridge Pop-Up Dining Experience
British Airways
(British Airways)
Bringing Britain Closer: Tom Kerridge Pop-Up Dining Experience
Experiential marketing
An immersive experiential dining experience for exclusive BA and Chase bank cardholders in New York
Jan 4th 2016 14:55:00

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