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RT @KnewNewNeu: Short on time& resources? Success hinges on prioritizing high gain ideas. Discover how to avoid innovation deadends. https:
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Sure, briefs and business objectives are helpful drivers. But so is unabashed beauty. #MondayMemos
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It’s back! Apply to our annual Design Blitz:
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Come one, come all. We’re looking for Cincinnati nonprofits to join us for our Design Blitz. Apply here:
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Knock down barriers this week, courtesy of @itskevinliu. #MondayMemos
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Our London office has a new home base. Find us in Holborn and say hi!
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It's moving week in London! Scenes (and a view) from our new office. Stay tuned for address updates!
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Is this the future of design? #MondayMemos
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We’re looking for that left-brain, right-brain thinker to join our team in our Cincinnati office.
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RT @mwintrob: In which I decode why Malm matters.
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Can you make some sense of this increasingly complex world? We want you.
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Ways to (not) fail. #MondayMemos
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Our industrial designers imagine tomorrow’s tractor—and earn an award for it. Congrats team!
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Congrats to our industrial designers for being awarded at @ValtraGlobal’s Design Challenge!
Tweet : May 31st 2017 17:01
Presenting our vision for tractors in 2040 at the @ValtraGlobal Design Challenge. Send good vibes!
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Yawn. Looking for a more innovative sleep-tracking technology? We helped @Beautyrest create it:
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We spend a 1/3 of our lives asleep—make the most of it. @Beautyrest’s new Sleeptracker monitor is changing the game:
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RT @ArtWorksCincy: #TBT to the #InkYourLove and #CincyInk installations we did around town in 2015 with our friends at @LPK
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A creative cocktail for this fine Monday. #MondayMemos #MondayMotivation
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Hats off to Senior Designer Peta Dew and her delightful Doodles on the Daily feature in @cincyrefined!
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RT @meredithwhitney: Celebrating our founders and independence ????
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We’re celebrating our risk takers, experimenters and art makers today. Happy Founders’ Day to everyone around the globe!
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A little tardy to the party, but s/o to @Yeez0LPK and his team for a successful #GrandHack at @mithackmed!
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Here’s Jerry’s reflection on the passing of Mort. Please share your memories as we celebrate his lasting legacy:
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With great sadness, we share the news that our founder Mort Libby has passed.
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One of our designers did a really cool illustration series on duality for a few LPKers. Check it:
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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Go with your gut. #MondayMemos
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Our new e-book on brand extension, Primed & Ready, is out now. Get it here and start stretching:
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She makes dreamy desserts, illustrates characters and teaches on the weekends. Meet Rui:
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RT @bryangoodpaster: "Stretch—the way to tap sweet spots you’ve been overlooking." @KnewNewNeu

Tampax & Always Radiant - Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Tampax & Always Radiant
(Procter & Gamble)
Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Branding / design
The Radiant collection by Tampax & Always embraces the bolder side of femininity.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:52
Pinnacle - Top of the Leaderboard
(Acushnet Company)
Top of the Leaderboard
Branding / design
We drove Pinnacle to greener grass with a new brand design that resonates with casual golfers.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:35
Pringles - A Brand Fit for a Party
A Brand Fit for a Party
Branding / design
To celebrate its 25th year in the UK, Pringles design pushes snacking beyond the ordinary.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:10
Fondü - Taking Fondue International
Taking Fondue International
Branding / design
A brand that dispels tired perceptions and positions fondue as a modern social experience
Jun 27th 2017 10:54:38
Ancient Legends - Heroing Whole-Grain Goodness
Ancient Legends
Heroing Whole-Grain Goodness
Branding / design
Kellogg’s first-ever ancient-grains breakfast line breaks through the clutter of the cereal aisle.

Jun 27th 2017 10:51:32

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