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Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 17:35
RT @Adweek: The Facebook Audience Network now serves ads to 1 billion people each month:
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:34
RT @Adweek: Instagram is dropping ads into its stories feature, now 150 million daily users strong:
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 10:16
RT @Adweek: Nearly 3 million users tuned in to Twitter's Golden Globes red carpet livestream:
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 09:54
RT @guardian: Snapchat to set up main international hub in UK
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 17:56
RT @Adweek: .@Netflix made an 8-bit infinite runner video game out of its most popular original shows:
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 16:02
RT @fashionandmash: A look back at how chatbots and VR led this season’s top tech trends in retail #holiday #convco
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 11:36
RT @TechCrunch: Microsoft launches a new cloud platform for connected cars
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 16:41
RT @Adweek: The @nytimes and @IBM are promoting a new movie with their first augmented reality mobile app: https://
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 14:27
RT @fashionandmash: One to check out this Jan: @WAHNAILS has launched a VR experience within its 'salon of the future' in London https://t.
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 10:27
Forbes launches #snapchat popup Discover channel to reveal its 30 under 30 list via @Digiday
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 11:49
RT @Digiday: Push notifications, bots, and other things that you're definitely going to hear more about in 2017 htt
Tweet : Dec 23rd 2016 16:18
RT @fashionandmash: Chatbots and VR lead this season’s top tech trends in retail #holiday #convcomm #AI https://t.c
Tweet : Dec 23rd 2016 13:38
Consuming content in #VR elicits a 27% higher emotional engagement than it does in a 2D environment via @TheDrum
Tweet : Dec 23rd 2016 09:50
RT @fashionandmash: The @farfetch team will unveil plans for its ‘Store of the Future’ next April #farfetchOS https
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2016 11:06
RT @TechCrunch: You can now Uber to people directly, and use custom Snapchat filters as you ride
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2016 10:59
RT @Adweek: Here's a timeline showing Instagram and Snapchat's 2016 war over the best features:
Tweet : Dec 21st 2016 13:29
RT @glossyco: Luxury retailers are finding ways to attract holiday shoppers without tarnishing their brand’s rep via discounts. https://t.c
Tweet : Dec 21st 2016 12:02
#InstagramStories launches location, time, weather, and seasonal stickers via @TechCrunch
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 17:33
RT @glossyco: Marie Claire’s digital director: “Readers want candid, honest, authentic reporting now more than ever.”
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 15:21
#snapchat "will morph into an e-commerce platform” at some point via @BoF
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 11:26
RT @Digiday: In memoriam: The brands that we lost in 2016
Tweet : Dec 19th 2016 16:08
RT @fashionandmash: Unboxing videos boom over the holiday season, gaining 1.5x the views during Q4 compared to the rest of the year https:/
Tweet : Dec 19th 2016 14:35
RT @glossyco: How fashion publishers are experimenting with Instagram Live.
Tweet : Dec 19th 2016 10:35
#Twitter unveils #Vine Camera app to make six-second looping videos via @TheDrum
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 16:33
RT @Digiday: Saved posts turn Instagram from a browsing tool into a curation tool, putting it squarely in Pinterest’s territory https://t.c
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 12:17
WhatsApp and Facebook have the highest usage frequency according to @globalwebindex report
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 11:54
RT @TechCrunch: Facebook exploring creation of its own original video content
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 09:09
#Instagram introduces new "Save for Later" feature so users can create a personal, curated gallery via @FastCoDesign
Tweet : Dec 14th 2016 16:53
RT @glossyco: The future of streetwear is being bought and sold in secret Facebook groups.
Tweet : Dec 14th 2016 14:44
RT @Adweek: Twitter puts live video center stage with the integration of Periscope's capabilities:

University Paper - Mobile First News Portal
University Paper
(University Paper)
Mobile First News Portal
Digital, Mobile
Relaunch of Uni Paper website with social integration, crowd-sourced content & gamified leaderboard
Oct 5th 2016 12:34:13
Manolo Blahnik - Manolo Blahnik Flagship Digital Store
Manolo Blahnik
(Manolo Blahnik)
Manolo Blahnik Flagship Digital Store
Digital, Mobile
Digital Flagship Store for the most luxurious, unique and handcrafted brand in the world.
Apr 18th 2016 17:33:49
BBC - BBC Music App
BBC Music App
Digital, Mobile
We created a groundbreaking mobile app for the BBC aimed at engaging Millennial music listeners.
Apr 18th 2016 17:33:37
Farfetch - Farfetch BFC iPad App
Farfetch BFC iPad App
Digital, Mobile
Enhancing global fashion sponsorship with both form and function in an iPad app
Feb 5th 2016 13:07:35
Clarks - Instagram Xmas Success
Instagram Xmas Success
Digital, Mobile
Custom-made GIFs win 11% engagement, among the most popular posts on Clarks Originals Instagram.
Jan 19th 2016 09:24:16

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