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Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 11:50
Companies have been collecting data for years but the reality is that most struggle to make sense of it all @Forbes
Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 10:52
RT @Digiday: Planning to try that hot new aqua-yoga class? Chances are you first discovered it on Instagram.
Tweet : Mar 27th 2017 10:18
RT @Adweek: Retailers can now make Instagram posts much more shoppable:
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 17:14
RT @Digiday: ‘Accessibility and usability’: Why brands are turning to SMS bots
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 11:15
RT @Digiday: It was bad enough when your mom joined Snapchat. Now your bank wants to send you snaps, too.
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 14:42
RT @glossyco: Thanks to Instagram’s new shoppable post feature, influencers are about to relinquish some power.
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 12:28
71% of consumers will click on digital ads if they better reflect what they are doing at the time via @Campaignmag
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 13:39
RT @fashionandmash: Gen Z might be driven by digital, but they still prefer the in-store experience, according to this new report https://t
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 14:04
RT @TheDrum: Mobile leads the way for APAC video viewers
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 12:54
RT @fashionandmash: The @TommyHilfiger image recognition app at its LA show, resulted in an uptick of first time visitors to its website ht
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 14:35
Over 70% of marketers measure influencer partnership success based on engagement rather than direct sales @Digiday
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 11:23
RT @Adweek: Facebook will push mobile video ad sales with its biggest business-to-business campaign ever: https://t
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 11:26
RT @MarketingWeekEd: Facebook launches Snapchat Stories clone ‘Day’
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 15:33
UK #mobile adspend will reach nearly £7bn this year - more than a third of UK media ad investment via @campaignlive
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 09:47
RT @Recode: Audiences no longer care about platforms. The content creator is ‘king.’
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 15:06
RT @hullrobbie: #isbaconf and @madras_brand in alignment again: consumers are constantly shifting shape, the only way to respond - holistic
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 12:22
RT @hullrobbie: #isbaconf Re #programmatic : Yes butRespected brands integrate with the conversation of people's lives not [DRINK PEPSI] i
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 10:20
RT @hullrobbie: Insight from @winehusband at #isbaconf "long-term brand health is being destroyed by targeting". Wish I'd have said that, s
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 10:20
RT @hullrobbie: Flipside at #isbaconf - we're still talking about ads as little boxes in other people's content.
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 09:48
RT @hullrobbie: Debate at #isbaconf. Pick the platform fit for purpose. Concentrate on context. Great validation of @madras_brand 's "alway
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 08:27
RT @hullrobbie: Going to #isbaconf with @madras_brand. Looks like only 6 downloaded conference app, and 5 of them work for ISBA. So what ma
Tweet : Mar 7th 2017 15:32
RT @BoF: You might soon be able to buy luxury products from @NETAPORTER via Whatsapp.
Tweet : Mar 7th 2017 12:06
Shazam’s new #AR inclusion allows the app to offer brands stimulating experiences for consumers via @CampaignLiveUS
Tweet : Mar 7th 2017 11:10
RT @Digiday: Moneyish is the second millennial-focused digital property Dow Jones has launched in the past four months
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 16:28
RT @mashable: This chatbot helps refugees claim asylum, for free
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 12:05
#Facebook on the hunt for 30 minute weekly TV-like shows via @businessinsider
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 11:15
RT @TheDrum: Twitter refocuses on live video as it battles a downward trend
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 14:59
Our business model brings insights, ideas & implementation to create more connected customer experiences @TheDrum
Tweet : Feb 9th 2017 12:30
RT @FortuneMagazine: Snapchat has signed another mega cloud purchase, and it’s not from Google
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 12:06
Madras will redefine the AOR model via a network with global reach and always-on engagement across platforms @adweek

University Paper - Mobile First News Portal
University Paper
(University Paper)
Mobile First News Portal
Digital, Mobile
Relaunch of Uni Paper website with social integration, crowd-sourced content & gamified leaderboard
Oct 5th 2016 12:34:13
Manolo Blahnik - Manolo Blahnik Flagship Digital Store
Manolo Blahnik
(Manolo Blahnik)
Manolo Blahnik Flagship Digital Store
Digital, Mobile
Digital Flagship Store for the most luxurious, unique and handcrafted brand in the world.
Apr 18th 2016 17:33:49
BBC - BBC Music App
BBC Music App
Digital, Mobile
We created a groundbreaking mobile app for the BBC aimed at engaging Millennial music listeners.
Apr 18th 2016 17:33:37
Farfetch - Farfetch BFC iPad App
Farfetch BFC iPad App
Digital, Mobile
Enhancing global fashion sponsorship with both form and function in an iPad app
Feb 5th 2016 13:07:35
Clarks - Instagram Xmas Success
Instagram Xmas Success
Digital, Mobile
Custom-made GIFs win 11% engagement, among the most popular posts on Clarks Originals Instagram.
Jan 19th 2016 09:24:16

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