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Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 15:31
@Nick___Gray Sorry Nick that's all we can give for now! Keep looking, stay curious.
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 15:00
@Nick___Gray Hi Nick, make sure you take a good look around the page... you'll find your first clue
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 14:57
@Nick___Gray The clue is on the page.. Take a look around..
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 14:07
Thanks for all your questions everyone - hope it's been helpful! That's all from me, but best of luck with the #BetaHunt ^ Evie
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 14:02
The Beta Scheme will see you thrown into loads of different departments so you need to be ready to learn on your feet with each new rotation
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:56
Whilst your answers to the questions are important, it's just as important to make sure you show off your personality too! 2/2
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:54
It's going to sound really cliche, but just be yourself. Enjoy the interview, talk about what you're passionate about and ask questions! 1/2
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:42
Roles are incredibly broad. We have lots of teams here from Corporate and Creative to Brand and Financial. There's something for everyone!
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:40
There definitely is no average day here and that's what makes it so exciting! 2/2
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:39
Edelman is super fast-paced! You might be brainstorming a new project one day and monitoring coverage for a big announcement the next. 1/2
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:35
The best thing about Edelman has to be the people! It's really inspiring to work with some of the best people in the industry every day
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:31
RT @prweekuknews: .@EdelmanUK hires creative specialist Ryan Reddick to new content director role: #pr #comms @Edel
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:02
Hey guys! Evie here, taking over the @edelmanuk Twitter until 2pm to answer your questions about #BetaHunt and life at Edelman.
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 12:55
Got a question about working in marketing & communications? @EvieMcDermott is taking over our channel in T-minus 5 minutes! #BetaHunt
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 11:08
#FakeNews is not about ideology, it's about money- @EdWilliamsUK with @DavidSillitoBBC on @BBCr4today. Listen at #r4
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:36
RT @EmilyBBayliss: A whole week of frustration and brain-wracking, but I've finally worked it out. #BetaHunt
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:11
Have you tried the #BetaHunt yet? ???? ... #comms #hire #jobsearch
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 09:53
@NadineSpeed Re-trace your steps & keep looking!
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 17:09
We are live at Edelman's first global webinar hosted by @JackiePRCooper and @SirKenRobinson #MakeMeProud
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 13:30
Want to find out more about life @EdelmanPR? Join our Q&A session with @EvieMcDermott tomorrow, 1-2pm, using #BetaHunt #careertips #inspire
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 12:00
Happy Birthday @Gleney, enjoy your extra day off! ????
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:53
@rose_louise_10 It should be in there.. If not don't worry, the colonel communicates with his friends via other means..
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:17
We're on the lookout for a Senior Account Executive to join our award-winning team: #careers #edeljobs
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 10:13
RT @thelondonblog: "The only thing faster than technology is the speed of our expectations" - #Facebook's Steve Hatch #dublintechsummit #te
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 09:58
Edelman Beta is open to anyone over 16, until 26th Feb. Can you find the application at #jobsearch #opportunities
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 09:26
RT @ilindsay372: Just completed @EdelmanUK 's #BetaHunt! What an experience, I had so much fun. Thanks for the opportunity!
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 09:12
@ShekiraK Looks like you've taken the wrong path, head back to the video!
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 17:47
@Venz_xo The clue is there on the page, take a look around!
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 17:38
@Venz_xo What clue are you on?
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 17:19
Master Ledger 2077: A Blockchain Blockbuster by @thelondonblog @HuffPostUK #technology

Kellogg's - Kellogg's Wearable Brek
Kellogg's Wearable Brek
Branded content, Public relations (PR), Social media
Creating a fun way to inspire children to engage with cereal in a way they hadn’t done so before.
Sep 20th 2016 14:39:36
Janssen  - The Boxer - Making Blood Cancer Visable
The Boxer - Making Blood Cancer Visable
Branded content, Public relations (PR), Social media
Campaign that encourages people to share their stories and experiences with blood cancer.
Sep 1st 2016 16:25:32
Hewlett Packard  - Music Video Challenge #ReinventMusic
Hewlett Packard
Music Video Challenge #ReinventMusic
Branded content, Public relations (PR), Social media
Teamed up with Marcus Butler & The Vamps to give fans the chance to pen own lyrics to a Vamp song...
Aug 30th 2016 15:18:04
Hewlett Packard - Music Video Challenge #ReinventMusic
Hewlett Packard
Music Video Challenge #ReinventMusic
Branded content, Public relations (PR), Social media
Giving fans the opportunity to pen their own lyrics to one of The Vamps’ latest tracks.
Aug 22nd 2016 15:24:43
Hewlett Packard - World's First Unboxing in 360
Hewlett Packard
World's First Unboxing in 360
Branded content, Social media
Demonstrating the power of the HP ZBook Studio G3 with the very first unboxing in 360 degree video.
Aug 19th 2016 17:07:33

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