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Tweet : May 26th 2017 15:14
Summer lovin' ??????????????#stuarttheunicorn #gloriatheflamingo #summersmoothies #pressmailers
Tweet : May 26th 2017 09:23
Fake news isn't a new concept, it's been around for centuries, but it's now been supercharged by platforms such as Facebook and twitter #iq2
Tweet : May 25th 2017 19:08
Looking forward to the #iq2debate on Fake News with @intelligence2
Tweet : May 25th 2017 13:02
Team #BBQ at omnicom towers #funinthesun #banksidebbq #bantside #sausagepals #sausagebants
Tweet : May 19th 2017 16:56
And we LOVE General the snow leopard ????
Tweet : May 19th 2017 14:05
.@wwf_uk protects them, now they protect our office. Welcome Kiruba the elephant ????, General the snow leopard ???? and Lankeu the rhino ????
Tweet : May 19th 2017 09:36
Some very interesting thoughts this morning on how #rugby can move into #esports. #SIBC
Tweet : May 19th 2017 09:15
We're kicking off this morning at the @SportIndustry breakfast club, discussing the business of #rugby #SIBC
Tweet : May 17th 2017 16:16
Talking about the power of data and how for @OlaySkin real-time insights are going directly back into product development #DFBeauty
Tweet : May 17th 2017 15:27
@nicolaredd reveals that 250k units of The Ordinary Colour sold in launch week #DFBeauty #theordinary #beauty #disruptor
Tweet : May 17th 2017 15:22
Getting under the skin of the abnormal beauty company @deciem #DFbeauty
Tweet : May 17th 2017 13:09
"The beauty industry does need more innovation, we have to adapt to trends and deliver them quickly, in real time" #DFBeauty
Tweet : May 17th 2017 12:45
"AR has a positive impact everywhere customers and brands meet" - talking the future of beauty at Decoded Beauty #DFBeauty #AR
Tweet : May 17th 2017 09:49
Kicking off @DecodedFashion with @AliceHartDavis @james_bal4 @imelda_burke @Waltpost talking the fashion of health and wellness #DFLondon
Tweet : May 15th 2017 18:49
We're excited to see these new video tools come to play on our favourite social media platforms via @practicalecomm
Tweet : May 11th 2017 10:13
A selection of our animal themed bakes, all lovingly home made by the agency (spot the rogues!) to raise money for @wwf_uk ???????? #yum
Tweet : May 10th 2017 10:40
If you want to attend the @PRCA_UK #gravitas training mentioned in our podcast,, sign up-->
Tweet : May 10th 2017 10:37
Listen to our latest #podcast on #Gravitas. You'll even hear a few new voices from the team! #openaccess #PRCA
Tweet : May 8th 2017 13:52
In support of #MHAW17, we thought it would be a good idea to re-post a link to our podcast on #Culture and #Selfcare
Tweet : May 5th 2017 20:11
10/10 for the Access quiz team on the comedian round ????????????
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 20:00
RT @itsmoley: First I have the pleasure of judging amazing work and now I'm pulling up for a great party... #BTSIA. Let the fun begin!
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 11:46
Going live with @DrStefanieW & @nadinebaggott to talk #PhilipsLumea at 12:30 on the @hellomag Facebook channel tune in to find out more #cl
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 11:52
"Escaping from the world is now escaping into the world" The future of luxury travel discussed @Stylus_LIVE #ifstylus
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:25
Micro-targeting is crucial for luxury brands. Influencers should have under 50k followers to drive real engagement & exclusivity. #ifstylus
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:19
"I need a hero.." Enter stage left the new luxury consumer who considers themselves the hero of their own story. @Stylus_LIVE #ifstylus
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:04
Toning down is the new 'bigging up' Consciousness & ethics will be front & centre for luxury consumers.Insights from @Stylus_LIVE #ifstylus
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:57
Privacy is the new luxury & silence,e.g. emotional headspace/an unspoken act of goodness, a future trend for 2018. Heard @ #ifstylus
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 11:23
Our client @Unbelievabra has been put to the test by the team at @Femail -
Tweet : Apr 18th 2017 13:37
RT @itsmoley: Did you tune into Prince Harry on #BGmadworld? Follow that with some practical tips for #workplace #selfcare with our latest
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 19:59
PR needs to be a guardian to authenticity that doesn't just rest within press relations #digital - @itsmoley @PRCA_UK #authenticcomms

Philips Male Shaving & Grooming - #BeardArt
Philips Male Shaving & Grooming
(Philips UK)
Digital, Public relations (PR), Social
8 million views in 24 hours with UNILAD for Philips OneBlade
Mar 20th 2017 16:44:58
Philips Beauty - A Beautiful Mind
Philips Beauty
A Beautiful Mind
Public relations (PR)
CEW and Philips hosted an event to explore global beauty trends influencing the world's women today
Jun 30th 2016 10:13:35
Philips Male Grooming - Philips One Blade Launch
Philips Male Grooming
Philips One Blade Launch
Public relations (PR)
Celebrating the launch of the biggest innovation in male grooming since the razor, Philips OneBlade.
Apr 28th 2016 17:21:46
NPW - Oh K! press launch
Oh K! press launch
Digital, Public relations (PR)
We launched the Korean inspired beauty range to top tier media and gained traction using #ohklaunch
Apr 14th 2016 17:40:27
Curlformers - Boosting Curlformer's social presence
Boosting Curlformer's social presence
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Since January 2016, we've achieved a 93% increase in engagements on Instagram alone.
Feb 26th 2016 17:57:55

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