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Tweet : Feb 22nd 2017 10:03
"Creativity thrives in comfortable spaces" @itsmoley discusses whether a dress code exists in PR @therealprmoment
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 09:13
At the @SportIndustry #SIBC this morning chatting football with @OfficialBHAFC
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 17:45
RT @RAPP_UK: @AECLondon we made something new for you! ???? #stillwinning
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 17:45
@RAPP_UK you cuties #stillwinning ????
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 17:39
@RAPP_UK @jenmusgreave @AMV_BBDO oh haiii ????????
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 17:26
Hi Mario, meet Yoshi! @RAPP_UK #BetterBankside
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 20:14
We're loving the campaign from @MailChimp. Insights-based clever thinking.
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 11:03
Valentines treats from our lovely team mates @jenny_pitt & @JessRGardiner making us feel loved this #valentinesday ????
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 18:29
Inspector Morse is at it again!
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 14:58
Officially declaring Thanos as our office mascot #dikdik4eva
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 13:37
Our favourite story of the day!! @thetimes #raccoondog
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 09:21
Now an annual tradition, here's our thoughts on the #SuperBowl ads and what it means for #PR But, do you agree??
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 14:15
RT @StyleDoctors: Follow our @instagram stories to see behind the scenes for the @Unbelievabra launch in #London @AECLondon
Tweet : Feb 1st 2017 12:57
Twitter tweaks video again, adding view counts for some users via @mashable
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 09:20
Predictive medicine will trigger ethical debates and will change the way we think about the future #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 09:18
Automation and robotics will impact everything in society. Everything from work force to taxes #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 09:12
In a post-trump world, escaping reality and self-care will be focus of 2017 #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 09:08
In times of uncertainty, consumers will demand genuine authenticity e.g. Non establishment figures, natural, local. #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 08:50
Younger people are more complacent about democracy and don't value it as essential. #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 08:47
Globalisation - a rising tide doesn't lift all boats. US and western middle class didn't see growth #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 08:45
Polarisation, a new morality and fragmentation were the trends of 2016. Saw the rise of "precaria". Everything is in flux #trajectorytrends
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 08:41
Listening to predictions for 2017 @TrajectoryTweet trends breakfast. A lot of talk about rise of creativity in times of political unrest
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 15:25
Shapeez hires Access Emanate via @prweek #winning
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 11:56
Business on the Move: Shapeez appoints Access Emanate for UK launch via @thedrum
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 16:30
RT @DIARYdirectory: Shapeez appoints Access Emanate Communications for UK launch @Unbelievabra @AECLondon
Tweet : Jan 13th 2017 10:39
Snow in the city! #snow #8thfloorlife #penthouselife
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 11:47
'25% of women say they've had or would consider facial filler'. Fantastic talk this morning from @CEWinsider
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 18:39
We're taking a peek into the lives of the A-Listers this week with @StylistMagazine ????
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 15:39
.@kourtneykardash loving her DiamondClean toothbrush #Sonicare #Kardashians #MostInstagramableToothbrush #cl
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 14:24
RT @AccessEmanate: #AEShares: The 6 hottest #socialmedia trends we expect to see take shape in #2017. Take a look:

Philips Beauty - A Beautiful Mind
Philips Beauty
A Beautiful Mind
Public relations (PR)
CEW and Philips hosted an event to explore global beauty trends influencing the world's women today
Jun 30th 2016 10:13:35
Philips Male Grooming - Philips One Blade Launch
Philips Male Grooming
Philips One Blade Launch
Public relations (PR)
Celebrating the launch of the biggest innovation in male grooming since the razor, Philips OneBlade.
Apr 28th 2016 17:21:46
NPW - Oh K! press launch
Oh K! press launch
Digital, Public relations (PR)
We launched the Korean inspired beauty range to top tier media and gained traction using #ohklaunch
Apr 14th 2016 17:40:27
Curlformers - Boosting Curlformer's social presence
Boosting Curlformer's social presence
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Since January 2016, we've achieved a 93% increase in engagements on Instagram alone.
Feb 26th 2016 17:57:55
Ubisoft - Launch of Far Cry Primal
Launch of Far Cry Primal
Public relations (PR)
A modern day caveman was pictured with Stone Age recreations of modern items for the game's launch.
Feb 18th 2016 16:42:47

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