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Tweet : Oct 2nd 2016 08:37
@esquiloprata hello
Tweet : Sep 29th 2016 10:01
#ThirstyThursdays Quench your creative drought with some refreshing inspiration from Brain food #EvidentlyStories ????
Tweet : Sep 26th 2016 10:01
We aren't very romantic at #Evidently & haven't written any love notes today- perhaps a Haiku will do? #LoveNoteDay????
Tweet : Sep 12th 2016 10:01
It's National Encouragement Day,Britney Spears made it through 2007, you can make it through today #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Sep 7th 2016 11:02
Happy World Forgiveness Day!It's time to forgive your Nan for calling u chubby. Why have abs when u can have kebabs?
Tweet : Sep 1st 2016 15:03
Thirsty for inspiration? Check out Brain Food, a page full of creativity ????#ThirstyThursday #EvidentlyStories ????
Tweet : Aug 31st 2016 11:05
No reason behind this post, just super proud of the pooch. #ProudParent @dogs #EvidentlyStories ????
Tweet : Aug 29th 2016 10:01
When you're on a diet but the breakfast bar is open so u walk straight past the fruit to the cake #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 24th 2016 11:01
"Oh dang, are you my back yard? Cuz, I dig ya" ???? #SmoothDog @dogs #EvidentlyStories #OfficeMascot
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2016 10:15
We all worked like little cherubs in the office today...well...sort of ???? #BeAnAngelDay #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 19th 2016 10:20
Using a cartoon bird to explain pension schemes? It's something only #Evidently could do! #FunFridays ???? ????
Tweet : Aug 18th 2016 14:02
The Evidently team is never mean, we are snazzy & our work is sassy, I want a poem full of wit but alas it is really sh*t #HappyBadPoetryDay
Tweet : Aug 17th 2016 12:01
Check out a little video we made for Suave Fragrances. Ps: It involves an honesty box... #EvidentlyStories #Suave
Tweet : Aug 17th 2016 11:01
#WiseWednesday "Seek wisdom and you shall find who the good boy is. P.S: I pooped on your floor." #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 16th 2016 16:31
Have you guys seen the movie Constipation yet? Oh no, wait- it hasn't come out yet. #HappyNationalJokeDay #Evidently
Tweet : Aug 16th 2016 10:01
It's #NationalJokeDay and #Evidently don't have any vegetable jokes, so if you do, lettuce know. We're sorry please come back. #Punny ????
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 10:02
Start off your Monday morning by watching a beautiful little advert we worked on for Lifebuoy. #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 12th 2016 13:31
Embrace your inner child and celebrate International youth day like #Evidently Ps:Having a tantrum in a supermarket is still not recommended
Tweet : Aug 11th 2016 13:02
Thirsty for inspiration? ???? Check out Brain Food, a page full of creativity #ThirstyThursday #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 10th 2016 13:02
#WonderfulWednesdays So majestic. Much grace. I bet u wish your office dog was as charming as ours #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 9th 2016 10:01
"Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well"- The Evidently ABC #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 8th 2016 10:23
"If we can see the beauty in others, why can't we see it in ourselves?" Check out our video we made for @Dove ????
Tweet : Aug 5th 2016 17:03
Happy Friday everyone! We wish you all a fantastic weekend ???? #FridayVibes #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 5th 2016 13:34
16 things you'll learn at #SMWLDN on the 13th September Ps: get a 25% discount on passes using: ldn16evid3nkw ????
Tweet : Aug 4th 2016 11:57
We'll feel a little mugged off if we don't win a personalised mug today ???? @PGtips #EvidentlyStories #Mug ???? ??
Tweet : Aug 4th 2016 10:09
When someone brings cookies to work...???? Happy National Chocolate chip cookie day ???? #EvidentlyStories #Yum
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2016 13:01
#WellnessWednesdays Check out this eye opener of a campaign we worked on with Dove #ChangeOneThing #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2016 11:01
#WildLifeWednesdays RUN FOR YOUR LIFE???? Our wild mascot savagely attacking an innocent tennis ball. #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2016 13:02
A fantastic article on gender equality in the advertising industry, well worth a read #Diversity #EvidentlyStories
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2016 11:06
When you try really hard to find intellectual articles but you end up looking at memes instead #EvidentlyStories ????

Cholula Hot Sauce - Cooking With Cholula
Cholula Hot Sauce
(Grupo Cuervo)
Cooking With Cholula
Branded content
Bite-size cooking episodes across social media - where the only ingredient you need is Cholula.
Dec 16th 2015 09:52:52
Evidently - Santa's Extra 45 Mins Sleep Kit
Santa's Extra 45 Mins Sleep Kit
Branded content
A kit from Santa that keeps kids busy on Christmas morning, while parents get a little extra rest.
Dec 10th 2015 15:45:41

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