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Tweet : Today about 11 hours ago
@DigitasAus @ElliotWCarter @MovemberUK What a guy, Jimmy! Where your mo's at @Digitas @Digitas_ES @Digitas_SG @LiquoriceOnline @Digitas_IN ??
Tweet : Today about 11 hours ago
RT @DigitasAus: @Digitas_UK @ElliotWCarter @MovemberUK Our media guru, Jimmy, keeps his upper lipholstery in check all year round. https://
Tweet : Nov 14th 2018 14:49
@DigitasAus @ElliotWCarter @MovemberUK What a beautiful 'tash. Any mo bros down under growing some upper lip fuzz for Movember this month?
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 14:34
Great #DigitalDay18 with the students from @ListerCareers thanks for coming to see us ????
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 11:15
Massive welcome to @ListerCareers looking forward to #digitalday18
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 13:25
Oh god, they've given me (@ElliotWCarter ) control of the tweeting again for a WHOLE WEEK. As I appear to be the only person in the agency growing a Mo' for @MovemberUK in the office I think it's only right to pepper your feed with some all-time great Mo's.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 17:10
Alright. It's happened again. The weekend has arrived. This has been @Jen_Devonshire having a blast in the tweet-seat this week. Thanks. You've been brill. Take it easy y'all ????
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 12:30
We're so proud to have hosted an inspiring & empowering roomful yesterday for #BloomFest working to make our industry a more safe, inclusive & supportive environment ???? Thank you to @bloomuk for an excellent programme & for the amazing cake! #FightingOurFictions #timeto
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 11:25
RT @bloomuk: Our first panel, The New Banter, kicks off with Dave Lowe from @Digitas_UK who says we need to stop using the term 'banter'. @
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 11:25
RT @CMarieLemieux: Impressive opening to Bloomfest, with POVs from @nickykc @KarenFraser_MBE @thaz7 @davelowe82 & @LozzaKJ on how we contin
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 17:38
We're getting excited and getting snazzy for @bloomuk tomorrow. Can't wait to see you all for a full-to-the-brim day! #BloomFest #HostessWithTheMostess
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 11:06
Meet the boss of #stressawarenessday You now know what to do.
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 17:51
RT @PublicisGroupe: . @AnnetteKing CEO of @PublicisGroupe UK has been appointed Chair of the Creative Industries Trade & Investment Board,
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 11:06
When you're bossing the co-ordination of pitch rehearsals...
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 14:57
Get this genius a steak bake pronto ????
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 10:01
Starting the week with a BANG @Jen_Devonshire is here after a weekend of avoiding all children holding sparklers and attempting to remember, remember that thing on my to-do list that I didn't remember, remember to do on Friday... Sparkle sparkle for #GuyFawkesDay y'all
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 11:41
RT @bloomuk: Introducing your #BloomFest 2018 speakers: This year's theme is Fighting Our Fictions, and to bring that to life, you've got t
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 16:52
So pumped for #BloomFest next week!
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 13:18
What's next for ad-blocking in the UK? Hear from our performance media aficionado, Andrew Mason, via @eMarketer -
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 11:18
Creepin' it real
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 10:43
RT @TheDrum: Artificial intelligence is an undeniable tool, make sure you are unlocking its full potential #spon ht
Tweet : Oct 29th 2018 18:14
“Delegation is essential” - @lorenzowood on how programmatic can unlock the power of AI, via @TheDrum -
Tweet : Oct 29th 2018 12:19
Vancouver PD Canine Unit have officially won at calendars @VPDCanine
Tweet : Oct 29th 2018 09:26
Morning! It's @carmel_oc in the tweet seat this week. Hands up who's got their BIG COAT out? ???????
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 10:01
You said it Walker
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 00:51
MUST... KEEP... PITCHING #finalpush
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2018 17:57
Looks like a car for mice to zoom around your living room
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2018 17:38
Wondering which #Slipknot song would help us work the fastest #advertising #pitchlife
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2018 11:26
Today we be #pitching like...
Tweet : Oct 22nd 2018 15:23 Who cares if it's cold out, our Sky work is @creativebrief's #hotpick

Honda Racing F1 - This Is Why We Race
Honda Racing F1
This Is Why We Race
We were briefed to create a film to launch the new 2018 Formula 1 season for Honda Racing.
Sep 4th 2018 16:47:54
Sky - A whole new way to buy Sky
A whole new way to buy Sky
Transforming how Sky connect with their customers
Aug 10th 2018 13:53:54
Pringles - Discover a World of Flavour
Discover a World of Flavour
Series of socially optimised videos that transport people to their own, vivid Pringles world.
Jul 10th 2018 09:38:44
Plume Labs - Pigeon Air Patrol
Plume Labs
(Plume Labs)
Pigeon Air Patrol
The world’s first flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:34
Honda - Real View Test Drive
(Honda Motor Europe)
Real View Test Drive
A series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver's seat.
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:14

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