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Tweet : May 21st 2018 16:06
@gpcartwright Very good, George. Very good. Sliding into your DMs in approx 2 mins to see how we can help!
Tweet : May 21st 2018 14:16
Give us your Data PLEASE REPLY
Tweet : May 21st 2018 11:33
Morning folks! @hissyshrew here this week, furious that there was neither a horse drawn carriage waiting for me or crowds of screaming fans lining the pavements as I made my way into work this morning. I feel like I deserve it.
Tweet : May 19th 2018 10:50
Not a lot going on in the world today so Teece + Finch are outta here. Hope you find something to pass the time... Suits is supposed to be ok.
Tweet : May 17th 2018 10:04
Big up the Carruthers!
Tweet : May 16th 2018 17:38
So many inspiring people at the #CELeaders event. Fantastic day. The future's looking blingin' @CreativeEquals
Tweet : May 16th 2018 16:34
Miss our GDPR webinar with @DMA_UK last week? Lucky we built this time-travelling machine then:
Tweet : May 16th 2018 14:24
RT @ImogenTazzyman: “It’s not just mums who should be given access to flexible working. It’s healthy to have interests outside work” Lovely
Tweet : May 16th 2018 11:19
HAPPY LITTLE SATURDAY In Sweden, Norway, Finland and Bulgaria, Wednesday is known as "Little Saturday" with midweek entertainment and bars staying open late. No wonder they're so happy.
Tweet : May 16th 2018 10:42
RT @Jen_Devonshire: Braved the early morning to get my fill of exciting, amazing, humbling and hard-working talks at @CreativeEquals #CELea
Tweet : May 16th 2018 09:27
Controversy at #Cannes2018
Tweet : May 15th 2018 17:35
Hurry up tomorrow, our goosebumps have goosebumps #CELeaders @CreativeEquals
Tweet : May 14th 2018 11:57
This year's #BIMA100 features our very own Darren Wood (@pixelpig) as a Tech Trailblazer and he also received a special mention on the night. Digital hats off to you Mr Wood!
Tweet : May 14th 2018 10:59
Welcome to Monday everyone, Teece + Finch starting the week like a Netta on too much coffee. #eurovision #happymonday
Tweet : May 11th 2018 17:22
Thanks Twitter, this is @RooThePug signing off! Off to prep for a glorious weekend of rain. Plz send dinghies. ?????????????????
Tweet : May 11th 2018 09:37
Answering all those burning which-font-is-that-tho questions: explore some of the most recognisable logos, redesigned as fonts.
Tweet : May 10th 2018 16:44
????In April, our own lovely unicorn @mattwatson41 (along with @thepitchfanzine) inspired the next generation of creatives at the excellent @dandad #PitchFutures. Watch the video here -
Tweet : May 10th 2018 13:42
STOP THE BUS (/boat/cart/dragon): someone has created an algorithm to predict GoT deaths.
Tweet : May 10th 2018 09:39
RT @BIMA: Welcome again to Darren Wood. As someone who has worked with some huge brands including Pringles, Honda, and Lexus, we're forever
Tweet : May 9th 2018 16:29
Top 3 televisual moments of the century so far: - @chris_kammy missing that sending off at Portsmouth - That chap getting interrupted by a child mid-BBC News interview - And THIS:
Tweet : May 9th 2018 10:06
Consumers are more concerned and aware about their data rights than ever before. Join our webinar on growing your brand with creativity and data TODAY, 3pm. Sign up here -
Tweet : May 9th 2018 09:47
What day is it tho? Seriously people, send help. #bankholidaygotmelike
Tweet : May 8th 2018 16:34
People, the debate is settled. OH WAIT...
Tweet : May 8th 2018 10:16
RT @InterCommsLGBT: Do you think there is a Pink Pound Problem? Come discuss it with us THIS WEEK at our upcoming event at @Digitas_UK on M
Tweet : May 8th 2018 10:09
HI TWITTER! @RooThePug here for the week. Fun game of Returning-To-Work-After-The-Bank-Holiday Bingo™?, 10 points for ticking these off: - Sunburn - Can't remember any of your passwords - Genuinely uncertainty around what day it actually is
Tweet : May 4th 2018 14:17
RT @CreativeEquals: #FF You'll hear a panel on why 'Flexible working shapes creativity' from one of @Digitas_UK's inspiring creatives, Kate
Tweet : May 3rd 2018 14:53
What's that? Your host this week @Jen_Devonshire has a 5 day weekend? THAT'S RIGHT. Catch you next time. Thanks for tuning in. ????
Tweet : May 3rd 2018 14:52
RT @EthanLDN: Next week, @InterCommsLGBT will be discussing the "Pink Pound Problem" with @Digitas_UK AND it's our one year birthday, hope
Tweet : May 2nd 2018 14:12
This time last week we were gearing up for our #DigitalPride event. Great insights. Great event, Great time. Here's some snaps of how it went down (i.e. a treat) ????????????
Tweet : May 2nd 2018 13:28
RT @YCC: An amazing creative copywriter with a great sense of humour and adventure. When she’s not smashing out creative concepts you’ll fi

Plume Labs - Pigeon Air Patrol
Plume Labs
(Plume Labs)
Pigeon Air Patrol
The world’s first flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:34
Honda - Real View Test Drive
(Honda Motor Europe)
Real View Test Drive
A series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver's seat.
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:14
Pringles - #TasteTracks
The first Mr P chatbot gives people the chance to create and share their very own music videos.
Mar 20th 2018 17:10:55
Cow & Gate - Come Snack with Me
Cow & Gate
Come Snack with Me
Come Snack With Me campaign is a soft launch of The Super Yummies Brand into social media.
Oct 20th 2016 17:33:41
The National Trust - The National Trust Mobile App
The National Trust
(The National Trust)
The National Trust Mobile App
DigitasLBi and The National Trust have released a mobile app for visitors as part of the charity's ongoing member retention strategy.
Jul 23rd 2015 19:14:10

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