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Not getting the results you're looking for from your social #ads? Find out how to boost your #engagement
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#ContentMarketing matters, but here's how to save yourself time, energy and money!
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We've looked at what makes the first wave of truly #digital natives tick! #GenZ
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RT @PSONASocial: What can brands learn from #socialmedia personalities?
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See how tourism #marketing has been changed by #GenZ and #Millennials sharing on social!
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Make sure you're not being fooled by these common big #data misconceptions!
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We've heard of #chatbot nightmare stories, but what about the brands who are getting #AI right?
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Keep up with these #socialmedia platform updates!
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AT&T have successfully raised #brandawareness by letting #contentcreators do their thing:
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Want to improve your #content? Better look to your #customerinsights. Here's how:
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Not convinced by Word of Mouth #marketing? These 5 facts may change your mind:
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Looking to improve your #marketing strategy? These 5 social tips could be the key!
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#OnlineMetrics matter, but for the sake of your brand, be careful not to obsess:
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Let's take a look back at the #trends which defined #digitalmarketing this year! What will next year bring?
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Interested in #nativeads for your #brand? Here's how you could use them in 2017:
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Get a firm grip of what #content you need for the results you want!
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#SocialMedia marketing can do a lot for your #brand, but be aware of what it can't achieve!
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What matters to new mums? We look into targeting and engaging new mums in our report:
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.@PSONASocial gave @Econsultancy their predictions on what we can expect from #socialmedia in 2017!
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Looking to reach #millennials with #directmarketing? Look no further!
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#Twitter have released useful UK Christmas shopper #data
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RT @CommunisisGroup: Without #data, your marketing strategy won't cut it in 2017. Find out why:
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It looks like #LiveVideo will keep momentum in 2017 with users still tuning in!
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RT @PSONASocial: Let's take a look at the biggest moments and memories of 2016 as #Twitter launch #ThisHappened htt
News : Jul 14th 2015 by Carly Wayman
PSONA Films won a Silver Award within the Health & Environment category for their film produced for the Global Water Partnership.

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