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Tweet : Nov 22nd 2017 16:32
RT @26digital: twentysix's PPC in New York exploring new opportunities, meeting clients and teaming up with our @MSQpartners friends at The
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 14:14
Top tips for storytelling! Check out @TheGateLondon's tips on @CreativeBloq :
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 13:08
RT @ElliottDHaworth: Chatted with Peter Reid at @MSQpartners about succeeding where every other ad group seems to have failed
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 13:07
Read CEO Peter Reid's article in @CityAM and why group of 6 companies is the fastest growing in the UK!
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 14:49
We are finishing the week with a BANG! Check out of our brand new website BIG thanks to @26digital #website #launch
Tweet : Nov 1st 2017 14:11
New article on #engaging with Financial Services in The Financial Digest. Check our Peter's article on page 48:
Tweet : Nov 1st 2017 10:49
9 grocery products you wish existed? Check out @TheGateLondon creative, ‘bake it easy’ in @TheGrocer:
Tweet : Oct 30th 2017 14:17
MSQ CEO Peter Reid in @CityAM today! See attached image of the article 'Bucking the Trend' #buckingthetrend #cityam
Tweet : Oct 30th 2017 09:28
RT @SteinIAS: Working from our #NewYork office has its perks #NYC #BigApple #EmpireState #ConcreteJungle
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 12:21
@SteinIAS @MPAweareyou Fantastic @SteinIAS
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 12:20
RT @SteinIAS: Great night at last night’s @MPAweareyou #MPAAwards17 Delighted with our Large Creative Agency of the Year win! ???????????? https://t
Tweet : Oct 18th 2017 10:46
Check out Peter Reid's views on expanding his company through acquihires: @raconteur #acquihires @thetimes
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 13:41
Check out CEO Peter Reid's favorite reads under "Books that influenced me" attached..
Tweet : Oct 11th 2017 15:09
RT @eCSN17: We can't wait for Richard Jones from @26digital in The Intelligent Commerce Theatre. Coming up next! #eCSN17
Tweet : Oct 9th 2017 14:54
RT @SteinIAS: Catch @dansheridan83 #eCSN17 11/8 11:40 on #PostModernB2B a view of our industry’s fast-approaching future that's as scary as
Tweet : Oct 4th 2017 10:58
The chairman of MSQ Partners Roger Parry explains why the consultancy phenomenon is a HUGE opportunity @Campaignmag:
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2017 12:39
RT @101Cliches: Strong words but a lesson for us all via thedrum
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 16:06
@stackagency features in the latest @creativebrief BITE focus - How loyal are you?
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 15:35
RT @stackagency: Very pleased to be featured in the latest @creativebrief BITE FOCUS - How loyal are you? Evolution of Brand Loyalty https:
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 09:42
RT @ringmybellsell: Thanks for the most masterful class @RorschachPam - have come away bursting with ideas ready for the next radio brief!
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 09:41
More press in @Creativepool - Tomorrow's People enlisted @TheGateLondon as first agency to help them be distinctive:
Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 15:57
The @TheGateLondon rebrands Charity Tomorrow's People! #rebrand @TomorrowsPeeps
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 11:18
RT @SteinIAS: Meet our new Art Director / Tetris master, Jenny Truong! Originally from #Canada she traded igloos & snowmen for steep hills
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 12:51
@TheGateLondon "The iPhone belongs in a category with Nike, Net-a-Porter, Beats, Rapha, even Graze".
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 12:33
RT @SteinIAS: Kick starting Friday morning breakfast club in our #Paris office #FR
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 11:15
RT @TheGateLondon: People in advertising have a very, very low boredom threshold. This is a big industry weakness - @thejamieelliott https
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 10:57
See our case study for Hertz on @creativebrief -
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 16:52
RT @PumpkinLondon: The revival of the business card #handcrafted #personalisation @TheGateLondon @MSQpartners via @TransformSays #transform
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 10:36
The UK is still a power to be reckoned with in the technology sector despite Brexit... #ai #technology
Tweet : Aug 11th 2017 10:17
See our case study for LDF on @creativebrief -
News : Nov 12th 2014 by Peter Reid
Stack win a bronze at the IPM Awards for retail, home shopping and ecommerce category, for work with Currys PC World.
News : Nov 12th 2014 by Peter Reid
Stein IAS has taken home the award for ‘IT Telecoms and Technology Campaign of the Year’ at the Northern Marketing Awards 2014
News : Nov 12th 2014 by Peter Reid
Smarts Communicate picked the Best Global Public Relations Campaign at the prestigious CIPR Excellence Awards for the 2nd time in 5 years.

Hertz - World's First Colouring in Car for Hertz
World's First Colouring in Car for Hertz
Reasons To Hertz
Sep 20th 2017 15:41:38
Ministry Does Fitness (Ministry of Sound) - #begoodtobebad
Ministry Does Fitness (Ministry of Sound)
(Ministry Does Fitness (Ministry of Sound))
Who wants to be good all the time? We launched Ministry's gym brand with our #goodtobebad ethos.
Jun 23rd 2017 15:27:24
LDF - Welcome to the Flipside
Welcome to the Flipside
Integrated marketing
Digitally-led campaign that has successfully built a marketing-led revenue stream for LDF
May 17th 2017 10:00:28
Mamas & Papas - M&P and Me
Mamas & Papas
(Mamas & Papas)
M&P and Me
Integrated marketing
Launching Mamas & Papas new loyalty programme and content hub M&P and Me.
Feb 17th 2017 14:54:15
Scottish Government - Teaching Makes People
Scottish Government
(Scottish Government)
Teaching Makes People
Integrated marketing
As STEM students graduate, the Scottish Government challenges them to do more and choose teaching.
Feb 14th 2017 12:31:37

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