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Tweet : Mar 6th 2018 09:50
This Thursday creative entrepreneur and digital artist Jasper will lead our OnStage event. He
Tweet : Mar 6th 2018 09:35
Wat marketeers kunnen leren van surflegende Jack O'Neill, op @adformatie:
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 09:18
Today this guy will take the stage at Likefriends. Come for the inspiring stories, stay for the
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 10:09
We share knowledge by offering our stage to many inspirational speakers at OnStage @Likefriends. Read more on:
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 13:40
@RTLZ kwam bij ons langs op kantoor om met Stef te praten over hoe hij 5 jaar geleden het bedrijf startte, wat wij nu eigenlijk doen en hoe hij aan al die goede mensen komt! Bekijk de video op:
Tweet : Feb 7th 2018 14:56
"Learning from Jack O’Neill, an empathetic founder." Our article on @thedrum:
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 15:02
Every other week we invite a special guest on our stage, we call this OnStage @Likefriends. We share inspiration, insights and our passions with each other. Read more about it on:
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 12:01
Campagnes: Randstad en Likefriends introduceren sales met empathie via
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 11:43
Mentioned with Randstad Belgium on Marketingonline!
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 09:35
Helping out friends in need on a Friday morning at the Voedselbank. Want to lend a hand as well? Visit!
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2017 11:14
Santa might be able to travel the globe in a single night. If we want to personally wish our global friends and clients happy holidays we'll need to bring them to us. The Likefriends Live Christmas Card:
Tweet : Dec 20th 2017 16:58
On #adformatie with our x-mas greetings!
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 15:49
Something nice is coming up! ???? @SoisStefto is interviewed by RTL Z - on national television in
Tweet : Dec 7th 2017 17:21
Kicking off #40under40 event! ???????? #likefriends #event #wink @ Likefriends
Tweet : Dec 5th 2017 11:00
Reflections on Web Summit 2017: technology for a better future via @thedrum
Tweet : Dec 1st 2017 19:09
The one with an “eye for detail” will see our logo shine at our office ????. #likefriends
Tweet : Dec 1st 2017 13:22
Next week we will host a special event at our office. Curious? Keep an eye on our social media. #40under40 #Likefriends
Tweet : Nov 29th 2017 12:41
This time we enjoyed the delicious soup of our Chef of the Week: Lowie ????????????? #likefriends
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2017 10:16
At Likefriends we like to create and to inspire. Take a look at some work we’ve made with for their inspiration page:
Tweet : Nov 17th 2017 12:57
Our @Anouk1980 in Fonk and Adformatie ???????????? #likefriends #fonk #adformatie #goread #magazine
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 13:08
Artikel geschreven door onze @SoisStefto over Web?Summit? #17 op #Adformatie: #websummit2017 #Likefriends
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 14:34
Last week we took the plane to Portugal to visit the #websummit2017. Read all about it on: #likefriends #websummit #tech
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 09:39
RT @maartenpkappert: Want to make a different right from where you work? The good people of @LikeFriendsNL published an article about the t
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 07:22
Now on @thedrum: Anouk van Maanen as our new Managing Director:
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:59
RT @TheDrumNetwork: Notes from Dmexco: pushing back and web version 3.0 @LikeFriendsNL via @thedrum
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:58
Meet our new friends!
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:58
RT @vivianbrussel: Anouk van Maanen (ex Mirabeau) helpt @LikeFriendsNL met eerste opstap naar internationaal podium
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:58
RT @FONKmag: Anouk van Maanen (ex Mirabeau) helpt @LikeFriendsNL met eerste opstap naar internationaal podium
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:58
RT @nicolettehulseb: Anouk van Maanen (ex Mirabeau) helpt @LikeFriendsNL met eerste opstap naar internationaal podium
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:58
RT @MediaNetwerk: #AnoukvanMaanen Managing Director #Likefriends @LikeFriendsNL -

Randstad - Human Forward
(Randstad Group)
Human Forward
Creating strategies and visually assets/campaigns to further develop their Human Forward positioning
Nov 3rd 2017 16:52:59
AC Hotels - Modern business travel
AC Hotels
(Marriott International)
Modern business travel
We developed a new brand website and content to prepare the brand for rapid international expansion.
Jun 28th 2017 08:19:50
Cinéart - A new home for Cinéart
A new home for Cinéart
We created a new online home for the best arthouse films in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Mar 20th 2017 09:04:52
Sportlife chewing gum - Live The Sportlife in 360° video
Sportlife chewing gum
(Cloetta )
Live The Sportlife in 360° video
Cliff jumps, virgin powder and gnarly runs. Get ready to Live The Sportlife in 360° video!
Jul 21st 2016 11:02:06
Lay's (Walkers) - CrunchFunding
Lay's (Walkers)
Lays delivered on their proposition 'Embrace Enjoyment' by co-creating a hit song with consumers.
Jan 18th 2016 14:01:56

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