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Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 17:10
Celebrating 20 years of Text100 San Francisco - Here's to many more!
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 16:02
ICYMI: A useful guide to Mixed Reality - our discussion at #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 15:32
Couldn't get a seat for our talk on Augmented Reality at #SMWLDN? Don't worry - here's a recap:
Tweet : Sep 16th 2017 15:15
ICYMI: Our #SocialMedia news roundup for the week: Corpsumers; LinkedIn's new network; Facebook & Insta flog Stories
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 17:31
Social News, 15th Sept: What's a Corpsumer? LinkedIn does something new with ads, Facebook keeps pushing Stories
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 16:02
Our #London office is looking for a Creative Artworker. Is that you? #NowHiring #DesignJobs
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 16:14
Congrats to Texties across Asia-Pacific for all their hard work!
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 14:09
Welcome, @RodCartwright!
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 10:27
Avoid being the next #FyreFestival: Join @pizzahutuk and @WeAreRedMonkey for a free #SMWLDN discussion on 13th Sept
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 21:30
Learn to overcome the biggest #InfluencerMarketing hurdles from @CapitalOne @HPE @text100 & @socltribe in this panel
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 08:00
Get your creative juices not just flowing but channelled productively: @nbrincau explains how to train your brain
Tweet : Sep 5th 2017 22:30
Leaders from @CapitalOne @HPE @text100 & @socltribe share how to overcome hurdles to #InfluencerMarketing success
Tweet : Sep 5th 2017 17:38
These tips will make you more creative: @nbrincau wants to help train your brain
Tweet : Sep 5th 2017 17:12
ICYMI: @LexisAgency officially joined @text100uk yesterday - Welcome to the family!
Tweet : Sep 1st 2017 15:37
Happy birthday hashtag, why scheduling posts is good, and more in this week's Social Media News:
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 20:00
Follow our tips, and your employees talking behind your back could be a good thing.
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 18:46
Get your employees talking about you, but in a good way.
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 18:33
Valar Morghulis isn't the only thing we can learn from #GameOfThrones. (No spoilers, promise)
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 17:33
How do you get your brand message out there? Take a (spoiler-free) tip from the Lannisters.
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 15:38
RT @traackr: Leaders from @CapitalOne @HPE @text100 & @socltribe share how to overcome hurdles to #InfluencerMarketing success
Tweet : Aug 19th 2017 16:30
Keywords, Content and other Search Engine Marketing essentials to make your brand stand out online
Tweet : Aug 18th 2017 20:10
Search Engine Marketing might seem like voodoo, but it can make a real difference. Here are the basics.
Tweet : Aug 18th 2017 12:34
We hope you're ready for this jelly.
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 18:32
Say our name, say our name...
Tweet : Aug 16th 2017 17:40
The Justice League is just like a well-crafted multi-platform campaign. Except with Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck.
Tweet : Aug 16th 2017 15:40
Paid Media and Aquaman might not seem that similar, but get past 'talking to fish', and there are similarities
Tweet : Aug 15th 2017 17:38
Our intern @m0llystark delved into the influencer-world of @RetailMinded. Here's what she found:
Tweet : Aug 15th 2017 12:38
We sent Molly The Intern deep into the mind of influencer @RetailMinded. Here's what she found: @m0llystark
Tweet : Aug 14th 2017 17:36
Can a pizza restaurant find a deeper purpose? @GarethTheHop, Head of PR & Comms at Pizza Hut UK takes us inside
Tweet : Aug 10th 2017 17:06
#Text100 is honored to be named #AOR for @RollsRoyce in SEA - an exciting partnership rooted in digital & creative

Pizza Hut Restaurants - Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Yum! Brands)
Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Public relations (PR)
We launched a Hawaiian pizza flavoured lip balm with Pizza Hut Restaurants for National Kissing Day
Jul 28th 2017 13:34:25
Open University - Infinity Reflection Cube
Open University
(Open University)
Infinity Reflection Cube
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
We launched a giant mirrored cube which encouraged people to spend time self-reflecting.
Jul 4th 2017 10:26:23
M&S - M&S Summer Press Show
(Marks and Spencers)
M&S Summer Press Show
Experiential marketing
We transformed Soho's Vinyl Factory into a Mediterranean adventure to launch the M&S Summer range.
Mar 28th 2017 13:02:54
Diet Coke - Get The Gang Back Together
Diet Coke
(The Coca-Cola Company)
Get The Gang Back Together
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
We launched Diet Coke's Get The Gang Back Together campaign with brand ambassador Holly Willoughby.
Mar 3rd 2017 11:39:03
Oasis - Oasis' Mighty Mac
(The Coca-Cola Company)
Oasis' Mighty Mac
Public relations (PR)
Lexis supports Oasis' summer campaign with the 'Mighty Mac', a tongue in cheek festival raincoat.
Feb 2nd 2017 12:10:10

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