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Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 12:29
Facebook is trialling a redesign, focusing on the visual and mirroring Messenger -
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 15:45
Office 'to me, to you' updates are underway! ????
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 16:47
Sharing some of our latest work over on YouTube!
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 14:50
RT @designtaxi: Brilliant GIFs that explain nine basic principles of responsive design
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 15:00
Augmented reality testing if you've got what it takes to be a Power Ranger. Want a go.
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 12:25
RT @TheNextWeb: Google employees built a messaging app without a keyboard for emoji lovers
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 12:17
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 15:52
Snap is keen to take on TV next, potentially leading to issues for Discover publishers -
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 14:56
We've just helped @tombola launch their latest game with a new ad - introducing Stars!
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 16:40
Instagram updates... Here's what we do -
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 12:59
RT @bbcthree: This just happened on BBC World News.
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 16:22
Sharing the latest work by Über over on @creativebrief -
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 14:47
RT @TheDrum: TV accounts for 94% of video advertising
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:57
Happy #InternationalWomensDay from everyone at Über!
Tweet : Mar 7th 2017 11:02
When it comes to Instagram engagement, micro-influencers are looking like the best option -
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 16:36
We're helping introduce @tombola's latest game Stars with a brand new ad!
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 11:38
Good views at @LoveParkHill while we film something fun!
Tweet : Mar 3rd 2017 14:12
Busy week, including our new @tombola ad going live!
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2017 11:00
Our kind of cakes. 3D modelling software used to create desserts -
Tweet : Mar 1st 2017 10:59
Snapchat - not just for millennials? 10% of its audience is now aged 45 and over -
Tweet : Feb 28th 2017 16:47
We're on Instagram! Sharing some of our latest work -
Tweet : Feb 27th 2017 14:20
Our new teaser ad for @tombola is now live!
Tweet : Feb 27th 2017 09:09
Tweet : Feb 24th 2017 12:14
Congrats all winners @freshawards - @the_partners @GBHdesign @andSutherland @Magpie_Studio @GreyLondon @NBStudio
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 16:30
The awards have made it, good luck to all nominees at the @freshawards!
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 15:10
Glad they arrived safely!
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2017 14:03
We're pleased to reveal the brand new, very shiny, VERY heavy 2017 trophy for the @freshawards, designed by our MD Greg Clark!
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 16:10
Copywriting, design and social media. Hear more on what Über has to offer online -
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 14:16
RT @designtaxi: A round-up of every PANTONE Color of the Year since 2000
Tweet : Feb 20th 2017 15:19
RT @simonncookson: So great to know work like this is born in Sheffield

Audi - 'Road to Prediction'
(Volkswagen Group Ltd)
'Road to Prediction'
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
Über agency has produced on an online film for Audi and BAFTA featuring some rather famous faces.
Feb 16th 2017 15:49:06
BAFTA - Official 2017 EE BAFTA Awards Cinema & TV Trailer
(The British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
Official 2017 EE BAFTA Awards Cinema & TV Trailer
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
It's our third year producing the official trailer for our long-running client BAFTA.
Jan 31st 2017 16:22:14
Santa Claus - Vote Santa
Santa Claus
(North Pole Government)
Vote Santa
Advertising/Creative, Branding / design, Integrated marketing
The North Pole government chose Über to work with Santa on his election campaign.
Dec 16th 2016 14:34:28 - Brand Development
( Ltd.)
Brand Development
Branding / design, Integrated marketing
Über helped the leading contemporary furniture & interiors retailer to redevelop their brand.
Dec 2nd 2016 15:49:14
Lending Stream - 'Tight Spot' TV Campaign
Lending Stream
(Lending Stream LLC)
'Tight Spot' TV Campaign
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
Lenny's in a tight spot. Don't worry, Lending Stream are at hand. 2 variants from our new campaign.
Nov 25th 2016 17:09:23

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