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Check out @tpoynter discussing how brands can bring something unique and meaningful to their audience. #canneslions
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 19:17
RT @LBBOnline: .@southpawagency's Tom Poynter discusses why it’s time for marketers to act like producers.
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Creative Director @MrGlennSmith talks attention span and social video content in our latest blog! #canneslions
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RT @The_IPA: Live at #CannesLions with @EACA_eu looking at 20 years of European Effectiveness #effuncanned #IPAEFF
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Looking for a fresh start? We're on the hunt for Project Managers with a keen eye for detail. #agencyjobs
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Our Honda NSX Brochure has been nominated for a Print, Design and Marketing Award! Check out our entry here
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Check out Creative Director @MrGlennSmith talking attention span and social video content in our latest blog!
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RT @tpoynter: Big day today with the Hakuhodo talk at Cannes. Bears v's Lions
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RT @tpoynter: Venue confirmed so make sure you sign up to hear about positive progress through creativity and the Southpaw collecthttps://
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RT @tpoynter: Old v's new on stage today. The old are into layered story telling the new are in to telling personal stories but inhttps://
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RT @tpoynter: Proud to see some @southpawagency work making it to the big stage at Cannes. Well done @MrGlennSmith @nikimacartney https://t
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Next up our parent company, Hakuhodo, on how creativity is inspired by food around the world #BearsAtTheLions
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Touched down in Cannes #BearsAtTheLions #CannesLions
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RT @BUJobShop: Graduate role - @southpawagency - Project Executive - find out more: - closes 23rd June
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We found out that people who are in relationships are naughtier! Do you agree? #Discovery
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We're on the lookout for creative teams to undertake placements at Southpaw! If you've got some flair, get in touch! #creativejobs
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We found an exact 50/50 split when it comes to the naughtiest gender! #Discovery #TedxRTW
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Check out Head of Content @RiaCam talking influencer marketing!
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A big thank you to all those who took part in our survey as part of @TEDx_RTW we'll be sharing with you some of the data we collected!
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RT @tpoynter: At @Cannes_Lions next week then make sure you come and see us to chat about the @southpawagency Collective -
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@iamMartinDavies I hope you approve ??
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Want to know what the average @TEDx_RTW female attendee looks like? Thanks to all our brave participants, you can!
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We are looking for a team who want to take risks, try new things, and be part of an amazing culture. Sound like you?
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The new Southpaw website has launched! Check it out here!
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#Discovery #TedXRTW
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Here we go! #discovery #TedXRTW
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Discover yourself! #discovery #TedXRTW
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We're ready to discover who you are... #Discovery #TedXRTW
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Less than 24 hours until @Tedx_RTW! If you haven't got your ticket yet, don't miss your chance!
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Find us at @TedX_RTW on the 10th June! Discover something about yourself with Southpaw, get your ticket now!

Charles Worthington - Hair Histories
Charles Worthington
(PZ Cussons Beauty)
Hair Histories
Brand strategy
Building brand sentiment for Charles Worthington's first ever emotive brand campaign, aimed at women
Nov 11th 2016 16:24:50
Yazoo  - Shake it up!
(Friesland Campina)
Shake it up!
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Engaging millennials through a new strategic positioning and creative platform, called ‘Shake it up’
Aug 16th 2016 10:42:13
Charlie Wells  - Charlie Wells Branding
Charlie Wells
(Charles Wells Brewery)
Charlie Wells Branding
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
An impactful brand image for Charlie Wells' second product launch of new contemporary beers.
Jul 20th 2016 11:06:36
Africa Twin - True Adventure
Africa Twin
(Honda Motor Europe - Motorcycles)
True Adventure
Integrated marketing
To launch Honda’s new adventure bike we created an interactive YouTube adventure, allowing the viewe
Feb 25th 2016 16:38:21
St. Stefanus - Self-Cellaring
St. Stefanus
(SAB Brands Europe)
Integrated marketing
Creating snackable content to educate, engage & encourage consumers across Europe to experience the
Feb 25th 2016 16:38:11

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