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Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 16:45
"About 90 seconds to search deep in my heart, and think what's it gonna be. Either I get the best of my anger, or my anger gets the best of me" @GuvnaB on how to put anger back in its place @Take90Seconds #take90
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 15:58
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:56
RT @sohosohotv: Great new work from @goldsteinmusic is showcased today on @sohosohotv The new spot from #Lucozade featuring Anthony Joshua
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:05
Woooohooo - such amazing news. So happy for you guys.
Tweet : Sep 17th 2018 12:52
RT @RoyleProds: Woohoo! Our new spot for @moneyboxteam goes live today! Fantastic working with the team at @GreyLondon - check it out! #woo
Tweet : Sep 14th 2018 11:05
"Menopause – you don’t say it out loud, you silently mouth the word Les Dawson-style" @vickimaguire137 on fine form in @nickykc's article about the silence surrounding the menopause in today's marketing @Campaignmag
Tweet : Sep 14th 2018 11:00
RT @The_IPA: How @GreyLondon and @GSK made paradontax the world's fastest-growing multi-market toothpaste brand #IPAEff
Tweet : Sep 14th 2018 08:25
RT @creativitymag: Boxer @AnthonyFJoshua helps a young Londoner in inspiring film from Lucozade and @GreyLondon htt
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 17:42
RT @cindygallop: We love @vickimaguire137 @greylondon. "My current hate is that woman on that German shampoo ad who whispers the words ‘Ove
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 17:08
@joseph_ernst @CircleUK @vickimaguire137 @mchlstphns @MatteoAlabiso @TalaMonks ????????????????????????????????
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 16:40
More wise words from the incredible people we worked with in this @anthonyfjoshua documentary for @LucozadeSport. Watch the full length version to find out how AJ is helping to motivate the next generation of sporting superstars #madetomove
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 19:35
RT @jessbrammar: Tonight on @HuffPostUK we are publishing an open letter from 70 leading women who work in Westminster, condemning the miso
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 14:46
@nicmccarthy17 Thank you xx
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 14:06
RT @Campaignmag: AD OF THE DAY: @anthonyfjoshua stars in a moving tale about the power of coaching in @LucozadeSport's first documentary by
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 14:05
@riofoundation @anthonyfjoshua @rioferdy5 @KickstartGS @LRSuntory @ActiveCN So glad you enjoyed it. Such a privilege to make.
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 14:57
@CreativeReview @LucozadeSport He’s also a dream to work with ????
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 12:55
@Campaignmag @LucozadeSport Featuring 19 year-old Michael Kuku's advice for the legendary @anthonyfjoshua 'Struggle for it, or end up struggling'. Wisdom well beyond his years.
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 10:28
We've been so excited to show you this! 'The Next Move' is a documentary with @anthonyfjoshua to launch @LucozadeEnergy B Active programme with the incredible @ActiveCN, who help young people access the life changing world of sport #madetomove
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 14:35
RT @hollywills: .@marksandspencer have always been part of my family and now they have asked me to be part of theirs. Super proud to be a M
Tweet : Sep 5th 2018 13:30
Thank you little bear ????????????
Tweet : Sep 4th 2018 14:58
@marksandspencer are killing it with this new season of must-haves. Perfect for the leaf kicking months ahead. As always, huge congrats to the talented Grey M&S team behind the campaign #autumn #style #mymusthave #campaign
Tweet : Aug 24th 2018 12:34
Amazing to see @Police_Now officer Sascha Eady on @VictoriaLIVE launching @Take90Seconds this week. Find out more about the campaign #take90
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2018 15:25
RT @WPP: Feeling your anger levels rising? Charity @Police_Now’s @Take90Seconds campaign aims to tackle acts of impulsive aggression. This
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2018 17:03
We're so proud of it! Thanks for letting us be involved. #creativity
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2018 06:53
Amazing to see @BBCNewsnight making use of @Take90Seconds to help the nation calm down before bed last night. @Police_Now #Take90
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 16:45
RT @Campaignmag: What PepsiCo's purchase of SodaStream tells us about the changing world of FMCG brands https://t.c
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 15:51
After years out of the mainstream, Sodastream has fizzed its way into the sights of Pepsico. @RobSellers looks at why it could be such a smart move, and what the news tells us about other FMCG brands. #SodaStream #fightplastic
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 13:56
Go team @Gillette
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 10:12
RT @Literacy_Trust: #Take90 is a new campaign launching today aimed at reducing anger and improving community life. Find out more at https:
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 10:12
RT @Take90Seconds: It only takes 90 seconds for anger to pass. #Take90.
News : Mar 30th 2018 by Frank Amponsah-Antwi
Grey London win Campari's Bulldog Gin:
News : Feb 12th 2018 by Frank Amponsah-Antwi
Grey CEO Leo Rayman thoughts:
News : Jan 8th 2018 by Frank Amponsah-Antwi
Vicki Maguire, Grey Joint CCO, on why funny women should lead:

Volvo - Family Icons
Family Icons
65% of families are non traditional. Volvo wanted to celebrate this in an innovative way.
Jul 9th 2018 10:25:19
Birds Eye - Winner Winner - Chicken Chargrills
Birds Eye
(Nomad Foods)
Winner Winner - Chicken Chargrills
Our latest work highlights the winning feeling of a Birds Eye dinner for families.
May 2nd 2018 09:50:45
Lucozade Energy - Energy Beats Everything - David and Goliath
Lucozade Energy
(Lucozade Ribena Suntory)
Energy Beats Everything - David and Goliath
Advertising/Creative, Digital
In our latest work for Lucozade, we reimagine the greatest upset story ever told.
May 2nd 2018 09:47:13
McVitie's - Sweeter Together - Crane
Sweeter Together - Crane
McVitie’s shows how the simple act of sharing a biscuit has the power to bring people together.
Mar 12th 2018 11:19:20
Lucozade Energy - Energy Beats Everything
Lucozade Energy
Energy Beats Everything
After 20 years, Lucozade partners up with Lara Croft again to launch "Energy Beats Everything" spot.
Mar 7th 2018 12:54:22

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