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Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 18:47
RT @danmachen: #SXSW2017 world's leading tech conference is nearly here! @HeyHumanAgency's client summary event March 30th
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:54
RT @THEMANCUNION: A relatable talk by @danmachen on the use of smart phones today. Look up phantom vibration syndrome - we're all guilty of
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:53
RT @harrysharman: Great talk from @DanMachen at TEDxManchester. About Phantom Vibration System and Cognitive Collapse. #TEDxMcr https://t
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:50
RT @rick_threlfall: Here's that moment screen time tracker app (hopefully the right one!) mentioned by @danmachen #TEDxMCR
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:47
RT @thisgirlcodes2: @danmachen on how smart phones are contributing to a more fragmentary engagement with our surroundings #TEDxMCR https:/
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:46
RT @stevencoleuk: A great talk from @danmachen really hitting home with my recent tech / life balance changes. #TEDxMCR
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:45
Enrich the world with our finite attention. After all, we can’t recharge people, nor our relationships with them. #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:44
It’s a simple choice – choose to be a user, or be used. #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester @danmachen
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:44
RT @TEDxManchester: "We have such finite attention, we need to spend more of it in the real world" @danmachen #TEDxMCR
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:43
Think presence, and purposeful tool use, you wouldn’t take a hammer out in a meeting (even if it was on silent.) #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:42
As suggested by the @TimeWellSpentio movement, enable notifications from people not platforms. #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:41
Track your digital behaviour with apps that monitor your online activity like Moment (iOS) or Breakfree (Android) #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:39
We are not multi-tasking, we are task-switching. There is a cost for our attention every time we switch device. #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:39
RT @TEDxManchester: "Phantom Vibration Syndrome - our brains are so used to the reward of notifications" @danmachen on tech addiction #TEDx
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:38
If you’ve ever felt your phone buzz, but there is no one there, that is #phantomvibrationsyndrome #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester @danmachen
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:38
RT @laurennoblemmu: "Our brains are optimising to cope with digital life" @danmachen #TEDxMCR
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:37
The cost of attention has increased by 20% in 4yrs. We have an abundance of messaging, but a poverty of attention #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:36
The Brain has more connections than stars in the Milky Way and what do we feed it? Facebook, Twitter - incessantly #TEDxMCR @TEDxManchester
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:32
We share personal responsibility for our use of tech with the 1000s on the other side of the screen designing in habit. #TEDxMCR @danmachen
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 11:32
We must change the conception of our brains to human vs. machine-like. Multi-tasking is the biggest misnomer. #TEDxMCR @danmachen
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 10:53
RT @danmachen: One clear sign our tech relationship needs rebalancing @TEDxManchester #TEDxMCR Lights guide 'smartphone zombies' - https://
Tweet : Feb 19th 2017 10:00
Not long until @danmachen takes the stage this morning! @TEDxManchester #TEDxMCR
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:50
It's that time of year again! #SXSW2017 is just around the corner and we're hosting a round-up event on March 30th ????
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:44
RT @TEDxManchester: SPOTLIGHT: @danmachen from @HeyHumanAgency will be talking about neuroscience and human behaviour. #TEDxMCR: https://t.
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:44
RT @paulwinterphoto: We're thrilled to be shooting with Frank the Flamingo @HeyHumanAgency and the absolutely bonkers @LordWhitney in the s
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:44
RT @Pollage: Back to school for lunch today with @HeyHumanAgency ????????
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 19:33
,Our Cif Before and After Project has been named as one of the best marketing campaigns in 2016 by @MarketingWeekEd
Tweet : Feb 7th 2017 18:09
.Our MD @neildavidsonldn talks to @creativebrief about his career highlights, pitching and the future of agencies
Tweet : Feb 3rd 2017 12:21
Delighted to be hosting @Unilever grad team for a 360 look at social media! Check them out in 360 goodness here:
Tweet : Jan 24th 2017 17:34
‘Brand relationships are more complex than brand love alone.’ @neildavidsonldn & @annathairs talking #humanbrands at @AstonUniversity today
News : Nov 29th 2016 by Lucy France
News : Nov 13th 2016 by Lucy France
Our Director of Innovation Dan talks Trump in the Drum this week
News : Nov 13th 2016 by Lucy France
HeyHuman features in top content marketing agencies globally-NewsCred
News : Oct 14th 2016 by Lucy France
Check it out here...
News : Sep 28th 2016 by Lucy France
If you missed our session from last year, you can watch it again here:
News : Aug 2nd 2016 by Lucy France
Featured in Campaign
News : Jun 14th 2016 by Celine Prinse
Purity Brewing Company has appointed HeyHuman to partner with them to work on their brand strategy and integrated communications.
News : Aug 24th 2015 by Olivia Allan
SlimFast Readies UK Rebrand After Hiring HeyHuman
News : Aug 24th 2015 by Olivia Allan
HeyHuman is now working with Danone Waters, specifically its three brands Volvic, Evian and Badoit across all digital & social campaign work
News : Jul 19th 2013 by Catriona Summers
We are delighted to announce we will be working with Sony Mobile across all its BRAND & SOCIAL work in the UK!

Guinness - Made of Black
Made of Black
Integrated marketing
TTL pan-African campaign driving first drink consumption during the football season.
Sep 28th 2016 21:22:36
Oreo - Oreo Flavours
Oreo Flavours
Integrated marketing
To launch new Oreo cookie flavours we created the wonderfilled 'flavour mobile'
Sep 28th 2016 20:31:20
belVita - Good Mornings from belVita
Good Mornings from belVita
Integrated marketing
belVita set out to deliver steady energy to the nation, we gave them Good Mornings.
Sep 28th 2016 20:05:07
PG Tips - Monkey's Monumental Mission
PG Tips
Monkey's Monumental Mission
For Red Nose Day 2015, we turned a brand mascot – PG tips’ Monkey – into a real-life hero.
Sep 22nd 2016 17:17:12
Sony  - Sony: Deep Into Music feat. Jools Holland
Sony: Deep Into Music feat. Jools Holland
Digital, Integrated marketing
Jools Holland demonstrates the Hi-Res Audio found in cutting-edge technology Sony Xperia Z3+.
Nov 19th 2015 12:01:11

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