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Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 20:48
@freshawards thanks! It was real
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2017 18:39
RT @MikeLevaggi: Adorable couple fall in love in 'Final Fantasy XIV' and have an in-game wedding via @mashable
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 20:33
RT @MEATLiquor: .@wayneshaw70 please can you DM us your email? We would like to offer you a job as our Chief Pie Eater. Genuine offer.
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 10:14
Robotic finger monkeys. Cute but weird. via @mashable
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:14
Giphy released an extensive GIF library on Thursday with more than 2,000 words and phrases in American Sign Language
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 16:13
@ashllyd awesome. x
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 16:04
@ashllyd hi there, she does indeed but might be an IT think - apologies Would you mind fwd to to sort
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 10:14
This is quite cool: a hyperlapse tour of the world creating using images from Google Earth
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 10:14
Japanese buildings shaped like the things they sell
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 19:03
The team at Hope&Glory has got off to a remarkable run of awards with pretty much everyone
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 13:11
RT @Gorkana: Shortlists for #PRMomentAwards revealed. @SmartsComm listed most for North; @HopeandGloryPR has most in South
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 13:11
RT @GorkanaPRNews: Shortlists for #PRMomentAwards revealed. @SmartsComm listed most for North; @HopeandGloryPR has most in South https://t.
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 10:14
.@hotkenobi is a man that REALLY likes both beer and action figures. A beautiful bit of instagramming #SuperBeeros
Tweet : Feb 12th 2017 10:14
Like tattoos? Like animation? Well if you said yes to both, the 'Human Zoetrope' is for you
Tweet : Feb 11th 2017 10:14
Turning sleep into a work of art with these renaissance style sleep masks
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 16:35
That's an end to a week. Up for a phenomenal twenty campaigns at the @therealprmoment awards. Amazing work team
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 08:30
Keen on kicking off a PR career? We are currently on the look out for great interns and love to hear from you on
Tweet : Feb 9th 2017 19:17
Tonight's the night! #MIXLDN #beefeater
Tweet : Feb 9th 2017 16:33
@freshawards thanks folks! Looking forward to the big night!
Tweet : Feb 9th 2017 16:33
RT @freshawards: Fabulous shortlisted entries from @HopeandGloryPR!
Tweet : Feb 9th 2017 10:14
There is now a Vincent van Gogh action figure and yes, it has a detachable ear
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 08:35
Instagrammer Masako intricately ices cookies to resemble insanely tiny mini meals. They are pretty amazing.
Tweet : Feb 7th 2017 10:14
Line-us: a teeny tiny internet-connected robot drawing arm that perfectly recreates whatever you draw on screen
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 10:14
The folk at Bronx Zoo are allowing people to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after their ex this Valentine's Day
Tweet : Feb 5th 2017 22:04
This is a stunning piece of video as Alexa Meade’s two dimensional dancers come to life in
Tweet : Feb 5th 2017 19:46
@Y_Miladinova hey, thanks for getting in touch. All the info here -
Tweet : Feb 5th 2017 10:14
We are currently on the look out for great interns and would love to hear from you. Drop us a line on
Tweet : Feb 4th 2017 10:14
This is just very very relaxing indeed. BLOOMS: Strobe Animated Sculptures Invented by John Edmark
Tweet : Feb 3rd 2017 10:44
@freshawards thanks! We're made up!
Tweet : Feb 3rd 2017 10:44
RT @freshawards: Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Fresh Awards 2017! @HopeandGloryPR be sure to check out the full list https:/

IKEA - IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe
IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe
Public relations (PR)
25 million reached on Twitter, 3,000 bookings, 400 pieces of coverage. Three days of enormous fun to promote IKEA beds and bedding
May 21st 2015 13:06:36
HTC One M8 - Tats at the MOBOs
HTC One M8
Tats at the MOBOs
Public relations (PR)
A VIP experience for influencers via an MOBOs handset with a one-off tattoo design. From Millie Mackintosh to Tinie Temper, we cleaned up
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:24
truTV - The Human Gallery
(Turner Broadcasting)
The Human Gallery
Public relations (PR)
Promote the launch of Ink Master on truTV through the world’s first “Human Gallery”. This secured six on-message national double-page spreads
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:17
Sony Action Cam - Eagle in Action
Sony Action Cam
Eagle in Action
Public relations (PR)
Our film of an Eagle flying from the Eiffel Tower delivered 1 million views and international coverage to bring the Action Cam experience to life
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:04
IKEA - Motivational Mirrors
Motivational Mirrors
Public relations (PR)
A campaign to bring the promise of the “wonderful everyday” to life in stores and the media – creating a “complimentary” mirror
Nov 3rd 2014 11:54:52

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