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Tweet : Today about 4 hours ago
Nice one, team @MEATLiquor
Tweet : Today about 8 hours ago
The Lash Clock is an 'attempt to make watching the time feel different' ...
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 23:16
We’ve been bringing cutting edge technology to the world of high art brokering a
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 09:10
This is just brilliantly done: Mum turns healthy meals into edible artworks for her son (via @designtaxi)
Tweet : Jan 21st 2017 10:18
RT @jamesmacintosh: Daily for the next four years ...
Tweet : Jan 21st 2017 07:44
These gifs are surrealist and satisfying. Have a wee look at artist Randy Cano's trippy Instagram feed...
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 10:14
An incredibly strange series of animated shorts by visual artist Alan Resnick. This one is particularly odd...
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 09:11
There is a "Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces". That is great news.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 09:32
All the fun of the biggest consumer tech fair in the world we’ve been helping Sony have a
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 19:32
@twisty21 thanks sir. Best person to chat to is Drop him a line and let's chat. X
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 09:11
The Design Museum announces call for entries for Designers in Residence 2017
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 07:56
Morning. Here are some animals made to look like Minecraft cubes.
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 09:36
Creating the RDA of free time for kids who have too much on their plates with Center Parcs
Tweet : Jan 13th 2017 09:01
We’ve been provoking a bit of a national debate on the thorny topic of weight when it comes
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 16:34
RT @prweekuknews: #Diversity in PR – industry struggling to arrest 'achingly slow' progress: @HopeandGloryPR @Andre
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 13:49
Our own @annaterrell is featured in this really interesting @prweek piece on 'Diversity in PR'. Is worth a read.
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:44
RT @CenterParcsUK: Why is unstructured, free time important for the development of our children? Join the debate #RDAFreeTime today at 2.30
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:05
@HanburySt that sounds bloody amazing big man. May have to tap you up for that!
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:04
@tufayel noted!
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:03
Whole Earth is Hope&Glory’s latest client and we are totally nuts about working with
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 09:11
There is now a 'Mythical Unicorn Taxidermy Trophy Knitting Kit'. Amazing.
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 21:23
Good times and new clients ... wonderful news as we've won @wholeearthfoods
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 09:11
Wintergatan is a 'Marble Machine' - which is a mental musical instrument that plays tunes using 2000 marbles...
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 08:05
This wonderful man knits jumpers of places and then takes pictures of himself wearing the sweaters at those places
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 00:00
RT @prweekuknews: Plenty of beard advocates raging against the idea of 'peak beard' coming in 2017. Where do the rest of you stand? #PRBear
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 10:38
Team adidas Women’s Training have been inspiring the nation to kick-start their New Year
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 17:03
RT @prweekuknews: .@HopeandGloryPR succeeds W as PR agency for @MEATLiquor restaurants: #pr #comms
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 16:37
We’ve kicked off work with the lovely people at MEATliquor and have a pun-ridden year of
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 15:39
RT @ellendurrant: Lovely...Martin Parr creates BBC One idents as a “portrait of modern Britain in all its diversity”
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 12:48
RT @prweekuknews: Is 2017 the year of 'peak beard'? 7 brand #comms predictions for 2017: #pr @jamesmacintosh @Hopea

IKEA - IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe
IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe
Public relations (PR)
25 million reached on Twitter, 3,000 bookings, 400 pieces of coverage. Three days of enormous fun to promote IKEA beds and bedding
May 21st 2015 13:06:36
HTC One M8 - Tats at the MOBOs
HTC One M8
Tats at the MOBOs
Public relations (PR)
A VIP experience for influencers via an MOBOs handset with a one-off tattoo design. From Millie Mackintosh to Tinie Temper, we cleaned up
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:24
truTV - The Human Gallery
(Turner Broadcasting)
The Human Gallery
Public relations (PR)
Promote the launch of Ink Master on truTV through the world’s first “Human Gallery”. This secured six on-message national double-page spreads
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:17
Sony Action Cam - Eagle in Action
Sony Action Cam
Eagle in Action
Public relations (PR)
Our film of an Eagle flying from the Eiffel Tower delivered 1 million views and international coverage to bring the Action Cam experience to life
Nov 3rd 2014 11:55:04
IKEA - Motivational Mirrors
Motivational Mirrors
Public relations (PR)
A campaign to bring the promise of the “wonderful everyday” to life in stores and the media – creating a “complimentary” mirror
Nov 3rd 2014 11:54:52

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