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Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 12:26
Some of the QS team enjoying a fun time last night with our @youngsseafood client and other agency partners.
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 17:14
Trev and Rania are both in the Campaign A List this year: advertising's power couple!
Tweet : Nov 29th 2016 08:47
QS Planning Director Jon Howard writing in the Telegraph about his favourite cinema commercial.
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 16:18
@Jon_Infocandy yep, think someone lowered themselves! Get in contact with Dave or Daniel here at QS if you want to tell them more about you
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 14:04
@Jon_Infocandy we enjoyed it thanks. The challenge was poking out the hinges ????
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 17:51
Thanks - we loved being there!
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 14:30
QS MD Rania on the power of polarisation in Campaign's recent Applied Thinking supplement.
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 17:34
Quiet Stormers Matt, Ruby and Flo contributing to a nice film on creativity and creatives in Soho
Tweet : Nov 14th 2016 11:11
Thanks to @innocent for the Super Smoothies. Have dissappeared very quickly! If you ever need some ads let us know ????
Tweet : Nov 8th 2016 11:15
Exciting new win for QS: @RoyalVolService. Has been quick turnaround as well, so we will be sharing work shortly!
Tweet : Oct 4th 2016 12:54
RT @AngellSoundUK: Yakult's new ad campaign is calming and chilled, but is it science or magic? @QuietStormAdv http
Tweet : Oct 4th 2016 12:54
@AngellSoundUK it's magical science - glad you like it!
Tweet : Sep 5th 2016 17:43
We are loving our new film for Yakult: it's a little bottle of science (not magic)!
Tweet : Sep 1st 2016 18:12
Our new work for Yakult is out. And it's magic.
Tweet : Aug 19th 2016 07:58
Two pitch wins in two weeks - we're all guns blazing at QS!
Tweet : Jul 18th 2016 17:52
Another new biz win: Carabao are South-East Asia's fastest growing energy drink, and we've developed their thru-the-line UK launch campaign.
Tweet : Jul 14th 2016 08:54
Here's Trev at the Cannes ad festival in a @Campaignmag hosted debate on the future of creativity in a digital world
Tweet : Jul 11th 2016 16:51
Exciting pitch win news: QS are working on a new pan-European campaign for iconic Japanese health drink Yakult. Watch this space!
Tweet : Jun 21st 2016 17:32
We enjoyed a lovely evening at the Grocer Gold Awards last week, where Young's were up for Brand Of The Year.
Tweet : Jun 2nd 2016 19:26
Thanks for the #TBT shout out @AngellSoundUK. #Haribo #Tangfastics is one of our favourites too!
Tweet : Apr 20th 2016 18:36
Glad you like it. And thanks for the shout out!
Tweet : Apr 7th 2016 16:46
So one big pitch win under the belt (announcement soon), and a great 'fingers crossed' pitch today. It's all systems go at QS TOwers!
Tweet : Apr 7th 2016 16:31
RT @AngellSoundUK: Our newsletter is out! This week feat. @QuietStormAdv @dandad and Drum. Now get clicking! https
Tweet : Mar 17th 2016 16:14
Thanks for featuring us @AngellSoundUK - we always love working with you!
Tweet : Mar 3rd 2016 12:57
2nd big launch in a week: Hayu, reality TV on-demand Work coming soon, but branding, multi-media and international
Tweet : Mar 3rd 2016 12:28
This week saw the launch of @thenewdayuk, the UK's first national newspaper in 30 yrs. Play spot the QS staffers!
Tweet : Mar 1st 2016 06:54
The agency's new virtual hot desking policy is embraced by the creative department.
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2016 10:17
Our new Haribo Tangfastics work is up on @creativebrief -
Tweet : Feb 19th 2016 12:49
RT @RushesVFX: 2 new #Haribo ads in 1 month, aren't we lucky! Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!! Grade by @simona_harrison https://t.
Tweet : Feb 18th 2016 20:04
RT @LeanneW_Gemini: I am loving the new #haribo #advert @QuietStormAdv makes me laugh #sweets #yummy #giggles #kidsvoices
News : Jan 21st 2015 by Rania Robinson
Pitch win day here at QS Towers - everyone very excited by the good news!
News : Jan 14th 2015 by Rania Robinson
Here's our new Young's Seafood work, with a great VO by Rupert Everett:
News : Jan 14th 2015 by Rania Robinson
Quiet Storm has an exciting new website. Why not come and have a look:
News : Oct 3rd 2014 by Rania Robinson
Some nice words about our new ebookers work from David Reviews
News : Sep 30th 2014 by Rania Robinson
The latest version of our show reel is out. If you like what you see, give us a call:
News : Sep 23rd 2014 by Rania Robinson
Very excited to have two new campaigns up and running: promoting East Village E20 for Get Living London, and ebookers running pan-European.
News : Sep 9th 2014 by Rania Robinson
Team QS is off to pitch in Germany first thing tomorrow. Prospect is proving very exciting to all.
News : Sep 9th 2014 by Rania Robinson
Great to be back presenting work to MTV again. Always fun briefs to work on.
News : Sep 2nd 2014 by Rania Robinson
Having worked on HMV's famous Be Inspired campaign, QS is pleased to see that the brand and biz has turned a corner and is in growth again.
News : Aug 28th 2014 by Rania Robinson
The Quiet Storm pitch machine is gearing up for the final lap as we prepare for this afternoon's presentation.
News : Aug 26th 2014 by Rania Robinson
A very constructive and collaborative pitch tissue meeting with the client today.
News : Aug 14th 2014 by Rania Robinson
The new biz machine is whirring at QS today, with two exciting briefs to be worked on.
News : Jul 23rd 2014 by Rania Robinson
As part of their WWI commemoration, we are supporting the Mirror's war poetry supplement this weekend.
News : Jul 21st 2014 by Rania Robinson
Continuing Mission's mission to liberate your lunch, our campaign for their new SuperSoft wraps is now out.
News : Jul 15th 2014 by Rania Robinson
It's BIG WIN day at QS Towers: we have won the Young's Seafood account in a competitive pitch against a number of industry heavy hitters.
News : Jul 14th 2014 by Rania Robinson
We are excited to see our first work with Julian Metcalfe, of Pret and Itsu fame, out already, promoting his Skinny popcorn range.
News : Jul 3rd 2014 by Rania Robinson
New biz wins come thick and fast at QS. We are pleased to announce we are now working with Get Living London to promote East Village E20.
News : Jun 26th 2014 by Rania Robinson
Time to check out our new Haribo Tangfastics commercial. Oh those awkward teenage situations.
News : Jun 19th 2014 by Rania Robinson
We have a nice little 10" promo ad for the Mirror, and their Justice on Trial supplement out this week.
News : Jun 16th 2014 by Rania Robinson
We are very excited to announce that QS is now working with Julian Metcalfe, of Pret and Itsu fame, on his Metcalfe's skinny brand.
News : Apr 24th 2014 by Rania Robinson
For the next couple of days at Quiet Storm we will mostly be packing crates as we prepare to move to our new home in Soho.
News : Mar 26th 2014 by Rania Robinson
Continuing our Mirror #madeuthink campaign, we have a couple of new 10" optical illusion TV ads out this week.
News : Mar 3rd 2014 by Rania Robinson
We are excited to announce that QS are now working with ebookers, Europe’s leading on-line travel agent, across its key European markets.
News : Feb 12th 2014 by Rania Robinson
Our new Haribo Starmix TV campaign is out...and creating a bit of a stir online as well.
News : Feb 10th 2014 by Rania Robinson
See how George Osborne and David Cameron survive on Bonus Street in our new online content for the Mirror.
News : Dec 19th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Check out Ipsos MORI's brilliant 2013 Almanac for some real insights into life in Britain here.
News : Dec 17th 2013 by Rania Robinson
There's Lots of pitching happening in the Christmas run up here at Quiet Storm. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a happy start to 2014
News : Nov 28th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Just out: our first work for Primula Cheese Spread. Squeeze on!
News : Nov 27th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Our For Good­ness Shakes film is over the million views mark. A viral success then.
News : Nov 7th 2013 by Rania Robinson
We were invited to pitch for a big pan-European digital business yesterday: all the bases from design to advertising. Exciting stuff.
News : Oct 15th 2013 by Rania Robinson
We're very excited by our Facebook app developed for Mission Wraps. You can see a fly through here
News : Oct 11th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Following hot on the heals of our recent relaunch for the brand, comes this new promotional ad for the Daily Mirror
News : Oct 7th 2013 by Rania Robinson
A new Haribo ad is always cause for excitement at Quiet Storm. To see why, check our news feed for the latest Super Mix commercial
News : Oct 4th 2013 by Rania Robinson
To complete the set of our recent #madeuthink relaunch for the Daily Mirror, here's the TV
News : Oct 3rd 2013 by Rania Robinson
You may have seen some of our #Madeuthink print work for the Daily Mirror around. If you want to see more, check here
News : Sep 23rd 2013 by Rania Robinson
Our new brand campaign for The Mirror broke over the weekend, with a series of events in the paper and first print ads #madeuthink
News : Aug 29th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Read all about it! How excited are we with news of our latest win: the Daily Mirror. We have developed a new brand campaign, breaking soon.
News : Jul 24th 2013 by Rania Robinson
We are loving this at QS Towers: an amazing labour of love homage to our For Goodness Shakes film
News : Jul 21st 2013 by Rania Robinson
Well it was a great end to last week/start to this, with two pitch wins for Team QS (specific details to follow soonish)
News : Jun 26th 2013 by Rania Robinson
After less than a week, our Awkward Shake film for Forgoodness Shakes is pushing 700,000 views online, which we are rather excited by.
News : Jun 19th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Turned around in 3 weeks, our first work for Forgoodness Shakes is now live online. Share the viral goodness here:
News : Jun 3rd 2013 by Rania Robinson
Great news: we are now working with sports drink brand For Goodness Shakes. Watch this space for some quick turnaround digital content.
News : Jun 2nd 2013 by Rania Robinson
Planning Director Jon Howard leads successful Brand World workshop for Mission Foods. Can we help define an exciting vision for your world?
News : May 22nd 2013 by Rania Robinson
QS Head of Planning Jon Howard interviewed by Faith Popcorn's Brain Reserve about creating brand rituals. Call to find out more.
News : May 8th 2013 by Rania Robinson
Nice to see our commercial for Richmond Sausages back on air. But then it does return £8 at retail for every £ spent.
News : May 8th 2013 by Rania Robinson
We are pleased to announce that Quiet Storm is lead agency on an integrated 360 retail activation brief for Mission Foods
News : Mar 6th 2013 by Rania Robinson
We are pleased to announce a new arrival: Tara Harrison has joined us as Head of Marketing and all things new business. Give her a call.
News : Feb 28th 2013 by Rania Robinson
With our production co. hat on, we have just directed the launch film for the bigger, better London Dungeon:
News : Feb 26th 2013 by Rania Robinson
In the AAR's review of 2012 new biz, we were number two in pitch conversion (80%), and in the top 10 for wins. Call to find out why.
News : Feb 25th 2013 by Rania Robinson
QS win Primula Cheese Spread account. A truly unique business (a not-for-profit: who knew!) and brilliant product. We are thrilled.

Haribo Tangfastics - Child inside (pitch)
Haribo Tangfastics
Child inside (pitch)
Haribo brings out the child inside again, in what the Grocer voted confectionary campaign of 2015.
Feb 22nd 2016 10:16:21
Starmix - Platform Princess
Platform Princess
Haribo brings out the child inside again, in what the Grocer voted confectionary campaign of 2015.
Feb 2nd 2016 11:26:20
TK Maxx - Love Your Neighbour
TK Maxx
(TK Maxx)
Love Your Neighbour
Advertising, Integrated marketing
With magical gifts for less, our new Xmas campaign shows how easy it is to spread a little TK Maxx.
Nov 30th 2015 15:03:05
Mission Deli Wraps - Leftover Inspiration
Mission Deli Wraps
(Mission Foods)
Leftover Inspiration
Advertising, Integrated marketing
Fridge full of leftovers? Not sure what to do with them? Mission is here to offer some inspiration: get wrapping for an exciting new meal.
May 7th 2015 17:40:19
Chip Shop - Frustrated Cat
Chip Shop
(Young's Seafood)
Frustrated Cat
In our new film Malcolm is craving Young's Chip Shop cod fillet, swathed in crisp, bubbly batter. But there's still no fishy in his little dishy.
Apr 2nd 2015 08:56:00

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