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Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:12
RT @TheFoundry_LB: Applications close at midnight! #Applynow #TheFoundry #Advertising
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 11:54
See this work? It just won five Bronze Lions. Pretty chuffed about that. #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 09:43
@ZaiBennett We tried to whack in some kind of 'Chaka Cannes' gag there, but...nah.
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 09:42
Here's our Chaka talking on stage with Sky's @ZaiBennett yesterday about content lessons from the world of broadcast. #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 15:10
RT @TheFoundry_LB: Get ready to press submit! You're almost there! #2daystogo #ApplyNow #TheFoundry
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 13:43
Forest school, healthy fast food, dithering - it's this week's Frisk! >>>
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 12:23
RT @TheFoundry_LB: You don't need a degree. Just A LOT of creativity. #3daystogo #ApplyNow #TheFoundry
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 13:42
RT @TheFoundry_LB: Remember, you don't need experience to apply! If you think you have what it takes, you have 5 DAYS! #applynow https://t.
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 10:15
It's that time of year again. #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 16th 2017 16:33
RT @TheFoundry_LB: Only 1 week left to apply to The Foundry 2017! #applynow #TheFoundry
Tweet : Jun 16th 2017 14:35
RT @MAA: Strong article from @LeoBurnettLDN on potential of Ultimate Fighting Championship for sponsors via @Campaignmag
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 13:08
RT @TheFoundry_LB: "Nobody is in business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business." - Leo Burnett #applynow #TheFou
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 12:56
RT @liamhopo: Is @ufc dangerous for brands? @LeoBurnettLDN view #sportsmarketing #sponsorship courtesy of @SGrayson2012 & myself https://t.
Tweet : Jun 12th 2017 11:06
RT @TheFoundry_LB: "Keep it simple. Let's do the obvious thing - the common thing - but let's do it uncommonly well." - Leo Burnett #applyn
Tweet : Jun 9th 2017 12:09
RT @TheFoundry_LB: FREE FRUIT. That's right. Just one of the many benefits of working at @LeoBurnett. Go bananas and apple-y now! #TheFound
Tweet : Jun 9th 2017 11:04
'Hoverboard ball boy'. That phrase alone makes this month's Remark sponsorship newsletter worth a click.
Tweet : Jun 8th 2017 22:22
RT @wearesource: @LeoBurnettLDN new ad for McDonald's is giving us some serious summer vibes! Watch it here, it's fun and fab!
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 13:57
Countryside breaks, drugs in the post, eager smokers - it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 10:21
RT @TheFoundry_LB: “Are you blowing opportunity after opportunity because you can’t recognize a crossroad when you come to it?” – Leo Burn
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 09:25
RT @shotscreative: .@LeoBurnettLDN CCO Chaka Sobhani gives her hot tips for UK ads that could get @Cannes_Lions glory this year https://t.c
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 15:10
On a soggy day like this, we could really go for a quick burst of summer...
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 13:31
These ads are fun to make.
Tweet : Jun 2nd 2017 16:39
What's the most amazing thing you can do with 360 Rice Krispies?
Tweet : Jun 1st 2017 14:09
100% fresh British meat - that's #TheCoopWay >>>
Tweet : May 31st 2017 14:05
Unterns, castles, cats... it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : May 30th 2017 16:47
RT @TheFoundry_LB: Applications are open! Apply here for the chance to join The Foundry 2017: #LeoBurnett #TheFoun
Tweet : May 30th 2017 13:06
RT @TheFoundry_LB: We are now officially open for applications!! Click here to apply for The Foundry 2017: #LeoBurn
Tweet : May 26th 2017 00:11
RT @TheFABAwards: And it goes to @LeoBurnettLDN for their ‘@McCafe Madness’ project for @McDonaldsUK #fabawards2017
Tweet : May 25th 2017 21:51
RT @TheFABAwards: The 4th FAB in #Posters & #OOH goes to @LeoBurnettLDN for their @McCafe ‘Handimals’ campaign for @McDonaldsUK #fabawards2
Tweet : May 25th 2017 21:50
RT @TheFABAwards: First FAB Award goes to @LeoBurnettLDN for their ‘Search’ campaign for @McDonalds #Posters #OOH #fabawards2017

Co-op Food - 100% British
Co-op Food
(The Co-op)
100% British
Celebrating the supermarket's landmark achievement of making all their fresh meat 100% British.
May 30th 2017 10:01:22
Share Aware - Mia's Thoughts
Share Aware
Mia's Thoughts
Meet Mia, who needs a bit of hand with some of the more confusing bits of the online world for a kid
May 22nd 2017 15:25:48
Kingfisher - Start Something New
(Kingfisher plc)
Start Something New
Kingfisher's first multi-country advertising campaign, to introduce their new DENIA garden furniture
Mar 23rd 2017 13:26:55
McCafé - Shops
(McDonald's )
'Shops' for McCafé contrasts the complexity and expense of the coffee world with the ease of McCafé.
Mar 2nd 2017 11:51:23
Corn Flakes - #myperfectbowl
Corn Flakes
Our #myperfectbowl campaign is an invitation for people to celebrate their own Corn Flakes rituals.
Jan 20th 2017 12:19:20

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