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Tweet : May 25th 2017 17:00
Welcome to the family SesliHarfler
Tweet : May 19th 2017 19:55
RT @canntfestival: Late night Twitter crew, ticket yourself up for #CANNT x @glug - 22 June 3pm-late. Tickets from @gluglondon at https://t
Tweet : May 17th 2017 15:41
RT @dentsuaegis: We're excited to see 14 Dentsu Aegis Network & Dentsu Inc. representatives judging #CannesLions entries this year: https:/
Tweet : May 16th 2017 20:42
@Westers1401 Hello @Westers1401 think you're looking for @isobarcompress. Good luck in the quest for your compression socks.
Tweet : May 15th 2017 14:51
.@Jean_lin believes “future creative teams will include somebody that is not a human but #AI” find out more here:
Tweet : May 15th 2017 11:27
We're pleased to welcome @isobar's Global CEO Jean Lin for a discussion on #AI & #Creativity Live today 12:15 BST.
Tweet : May 3rd 2017 15:05
Don’t miss our CEO @Jean_lin live in conversation on 15th May.
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 11:51
RT @dentsuaegis: In our latest episode of #UNBOXED,we speak to experts in our network on how #AI will disrupt our industry &our lives https
Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 16:17
Missed @mattgee_tweets @dandad session AI:Redefining Creativity? You can read the write up here
Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 14:55
Catch our Global CEO @Jean_lin talking #AI in @dentsuaegis #FacebookLIVE Q&A on 15th May
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:18
Thank you @dandad @WeAreFetch @mattgee_tweets @braddyson & all of the attendees for a great discussion - #AI: Redefining Creativity
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:35
It's no longer about a single moment of promise. We are architects of the customer experience @mattgee_tweets #dandad17 @WeAreFetch #AI
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:14
The new era of creative is collaboration, its craft x technology not technology at the cost of craft @mattgee_tweets #dandad17 @WeAreFetch
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:10
We should be thinking about data as a new narrative @mattgee_tweets #dandad17 @WeAreFetch
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:09
RT @WeAreFetch: "AI should do the heavy lifting for us. Enabling us to be MORE creative". @mattgee_tweets @Isobar_UK #dandad17 https://t.c
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:08
.@mattgee_tweets asks is #AI our enemy or can it elevate our craft and enable us to create better experiences for our audiences #dandad17
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:03
RT @WeAreFetch: Can people tell the difference between a creative director and an AI creative director. We asked the room... #dandad17 @Is
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:02
RT @WeAreFetch: Copy to conversation. Tone of voice to voice. #AI #dandad17 @Isobar_UK @mattgee_tweets
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 09:02
Natural language processing & image recognition is not about developing entirely new crafts it's evolving craft @mattgee_tweets #dandad17
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 08:56
The new era of creativity is alway-on and consumers are engaging around our ideas - @mattgee_tweets #dandad17 @WeAreFetch
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 08:52
RT @WeAreFetch: “Creativity is not and never has been formulaic; it adapts and evolves within its environment.” – @mattgee_tweets @Isobar_U
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 08:46
RT @WeAreFetch: Let’s start the discussion around AI with @Isobar_UK’s Head of Digital Transformation - @mattgee_tweets
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 08:46
And we're off. @mattgee_tweets believes great craft = great creative & the role of #AI in the new era of creativity #dandad17
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 08:42
RT @SARAHFOWEN: Today @wearefetch @Isobar_UK welcome @dandad guests to discuss AI: Redefining Creativity #dandad17 #AI
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 06:10
RT @petetrainor: If you're attending any of the @dandad talks, this is the one to get along too. Enjoy it and learn from it. cc @bima_ai ht
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 13:31
RT @dandad: #DandAD17 Festival day 1, 'The Earth Will Shake'. Today's talks & events will ask, can #creativity change the world? https://t.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 11:56
Heading to @dandad tomorrow? Don’t miss @mattgee_tweets & @WeAreFetch’s @BradDyson talking AI: Redefining Creativity #dandad17
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 17:48
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: We are proud to support the work #SoWhiteProject is doing in promoting diversity through photography #EasterSoWhite htt
Tweet : Apr 11th 2017 11:15
8 takeaways from Poke's Brilliant lectures: including wisdom from our very own @skinnybouffant via @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 4th 2017 09:22
Congratulations to our CCO @skinnybouffant for being named a leader in the inaugural @Lovely_Mobile rankings & report

Chevrolet  - CoDriver
(General Motors )
We re-imagined the test-drive, creating a VR experience that showcased the features of a new vehicle
Oct 25th 2016 16:18:56
Auto Trader - Little Sister
Auto Trader
(Auto Trader)
Little Sister
Through the eyes of a young boy, Auto Trader's new TV ad shows how they give consumers access to 3 times more buyers than any other site.
Sep 4th 2015 14:33:39
Pringles - Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Advertising/Creative, Digital
To launch Pringle's Summer Karaoke Kit promotion, we pranked young revellers in Ibiza. The reactions are priceless!
Jul 24th 2015 15:16:38
AYGO - Aygo 360
Aygo 360
Advertising/Creative, Digital
A cross platform web experience that used gyroscopic technology on mobiles, allowing people to explore the new Toyota AYGO in a virtual showroom.
Jul 10th 2015 11:50:51
Kellogg's - Personalised Spoon
Personalised Spoon
Advertising/Creative, Digital
We delivered Kellogg's largest on-pack promotion (122m) across 32 countries in EMEA, giving consumers the opportunity to own a personalised spoon
Jul 10th 2015 11:24:29

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