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Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 15:55
RT @Isobar: Isobar welcomes @_blue_infinity, one of Europe's leading digital transformation players. Check it out in @LBBOnline. https://t.
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 11:31
RT @ecommera_: Which European countries are leading the way in retail? Discover the key findings from our survey @eCommerceWW
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 18:30
#CES2017 hasn’t been about the big I ‘innovation' but the smaller i's of iteration & integration says @mattgeeishere
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 17:43
A great matrix that plots the business impacts of key tech from @dentsuaegis
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 15:59
RT @Isobar: .@Isobar_UK CCO, @skinnybouffant, talks Snapchat with @Digiday. Check it out!
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 14:11
Jim Butler @IsobarUS president shares his thoughts on #CES2017 with @adexhanger It Is Brought To You By The Letters #AR, #VR And #IoT
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 10:54
RT @dentsuaegis: Never forget the commerce connectivity advantage @amazon uniquely has w/ #alexa in digital assistant landscape - @dmeeker
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 09:46
RT @Digiday: As Facebook and Twitter stumble on measurement, Snapchat scores brownie points with its video ad metrics.
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 09:37
As Facebook and Twitter stumble on measurement, Snapchat scores brownie points @skinnybouffant shares his views
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 08:59
RT @IsobarUS: Our own Chad Vavra talks #CES2017 with @GeoMarketing, calling it the “world’s biggest brainstorm” @de
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 12:44
RT @IsobarUS: How is @Airbnb launching the era of the travel ecosystem? Our own @timmcdunn explores via @MediaPost
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 09:09
RT @dentsuaegis: Can't make it to #CES2017 this year? Simply follow us on our social pages for insights, live video feeds and exclusive int
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 09:08
Happy New Year! Here's Digiday's guide to what's in and what's out for 2017 via @digiday
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 11:43
RT @dentsuaegis: Joining #DentsuAegisAPAC is Fractal Ink Design Studio – Linked By Isobar, a leader in UI/UX design! #Acquisitions https://
Tweet : Dec 14th 2016 08:56
Congratulations to see our @dentsuaegis UK CEO @tdegroose - #5 in @TheDrum’s 2016 #digerati
Tweet : Dec 13th 2016 14:48
Our CEO Steven Moy & Head of Digital Transformation @mattgeeishere share their views on the digital economy
Tweet : Dec 12th 2016 14:38
.@mattgeeishere has been experimenting with #VR and an EEG reader to see if our brains can help us shop more smartly
Tweet : Dec 9th 2016 15:37
RT @glossyco: The Snapchat guide to making wearable glasses cool.
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 10:25
RT @TheDrum: .@dentsuaegis underlines commitment to 50:50 gender leadership balance by 2020 with 'One' equality initiative
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 07:30
Congratulations to @IsobarChina on its #campaignAOY accolades
Tweet : Dec 6th 2016 09:37
.@dentsuaegis UK & Ireland COO Mark Creighton says "Stop acting like toddlers: get it together" via @campaignmag
Tweet : Dec 5th 2016 16:02
This is Amazon's grocery store of the future: No cashiers, no registers, and no lines via @BIUK_Tech
Tweet : Dec 2nd 2016 14:38
RT @Isobar: .@cheyneyisms discusses the formula for exceptional creative work at #eurobest2016
Tweet : Dec 2nd 2016 11:57
RT @Isobar: @cheyneyisms shares her thoughts before her insights with the jury session at @eurobest
Tweet : Dec 2nd 2016 09:49
Congratulations to @isobar's Nitya Noronha who's been nominated for @thedrum's Young Innovator
Tweet : Dec 1st 2016 12:37
Our head of Digital Transformation @mattgeeishere experiments with voice activated shopping
Tweet : Dec 1st 2016 10:46
RT @dentsuaegis: How will the next wave of digital disruption affect APAC’s landscape? Find out at #DentsuAegisAPAC’s #Whitepaper. https://
Tweet : Nov 29th 2016 13:19
Today we're listening to the #AI generated Christmas song from researchers at the university of Toronto
Tweet : Nov 29th 2016 10:53
Our @Isobar APAC CEO on What WeChat can teach us about the future of social commerce
Tweet : Nov 28th 2016 10:58
Heading to @eurobest this week? Don’t miss @Isobar's CXO EMEA & APAC @cheyneyisms president’s address

Chevrolet  - CoDriver
(General Motors )
We re-imagined the test-drive, creating a VR experience that showcased the features of a new vehicle
Oct 25th 2016 16:18:56
Auto Trader - Little Sister
Auto Trader
(Auto Trader)
Little Sister
Through the eyes of a young boy, Auto Trader's new TV ad shows how they give consumers access to 3 times more buyers than any other site.
Sep 4th 2015 14:33:39
Pringles - Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Advertising, Digital
To launch Pringle's Summer Karaoke Kit promotion, we pranked young revellers in Ibiza. The reactions are priceless!
Jul 24th 2015 15:16:38
AYGO - Aygo 360
Aygo 360
Advertising, Digital
A cross platform web experience that used gyroscopic technology on mobiles, allowing people to explore the new Toyota AYGO in a virtual showroom.
Jul 10th 2015 11:50:51
Kellogg's - Personalised Spoon
Personalised Spoon
Advertising, Digital
We delivered Kellogg's largest on-pack promotion (122m) across 32 countries in EMEA, giving consumers the opportunity to own a personalised spoon
Jul 10th 2015 11:24:29

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