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Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 17:48
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: We are proud to support the work #SoWhiteProject is doing in promoting diversity through photography #EasterSoWhite htt
Tweet : Apr 11th 2017 11:15
8 takeaways from Poke's Brilliant lectures: including wisdom from our very own @skinnybouffant via @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 4th 2017 09:22
Congratulations to our CCO @skinnybouffant for being named a leader in the inaugural @Lovely_Mobile rankings & report
Tweet : Apr 3rd 2017 10:56
See what our strategy director @stern_andy and account director @aretiioannou got up to at @Isobar’s EMEA Digital Creative Programme
Tweet : Mar 31st 2017 15:56
.@PatsMc asks how can we use technology to create a climate where everyone believes they have a stake in the future
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 13:05
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: 'Bravery is about putting your hand up and putting yourself forward' @tdegroose #cefutureleaders @CreativeEquals
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 09:12
Today we’re at @CreativeEquals #cefutureleaders to accelerate the conversation on diversity in our industry with @cheyneyisms & @tdegroose
Tweet : Mar 27th 2017 14:14
RT @Cannes_Lions: .@Jean_lin CEO @Isobar and former #CannesLions 2015 Cyber Jury President will be taking to the stage this year https://t.
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 12:44
We assign humanity to everything that we need to have a relationship with from cars to computers @CLazopoulos #lunchandlearn
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 12:39
Our head of strategy @CLazopoulos is talking motivational segmentation in today’s #lunchandlearn
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 11:54
RT @PatsMc: I did! The more people with hope in the future, the better for the world. Let's use technology to create more optimists. https:
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 11:43
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 17:53
RT @Natalka_Design: #speeddrawing @PatsMc speaking at #SBLDN 'tech is becoming more human and invisible'
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 17:53
RT @beleno: Rational facts can actually backfire. 'The backfire effect'. Context, community craft trigger an emotional response #SBLDN @Pat
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 17:52
RT @PatsMc: Thank you! Really fun event
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 15:57
We need to derive inspiration from mundane things and make the mundane inspirational @skinnybouffant on the remote control paradox
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 15:08
We're heading to the @TheDrum arms to catch @skinnybouffant in the POKE Brilliant Lectures #AWEurope
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 16:02
How can we find the inner creative in us all today @tdegroose #TomorrowToday #AWEurope
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 15:50
RT @dentsuaegis: Alex Miller Creative Director @vice on how tech & livestreaming helps drive more authentic & powerful storytelling #AWEuro
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 15:49
RT @dentsuaegis: "Go to organisations that value creativity" UK CEO @tedegroose on the importance of harnessing creativity through culture
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 15:49
"Creativity is about going against the grain and pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable" @davebirss #TomorrowToday #AWEurope
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 15:37
"Creativity is everywhere and technology can’t live without it" @mikelaE #TomorrowToday #AWEurope
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 09:24
RT @Isobar: .@Gartner_inc positions Isobar as a Leader for the 3rd year running in the “Magic Quadrant” report! #IdeasWithoutLimits https:/
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 09:19
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: Join UK&I CEO @tdegroose & guests talk "Renaissance: A New Creative Value System" @ 15.15 #AWEu
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 09:15
Heading to #AWEurope today? Don't miss @tdegroose & guests talk "Renaissance: A New Creative Value System" @ 15.15 on the @FastCompany Stage
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 15:28
Our strategy director @kirkitude asks can banks rebuild consumer trust with digital services? via @thedrum
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 13:02
RT @Isobar: .@dentsuaegisUKI CEO @tdegroose's #AWEurope session is among @TheDrum's 10 things to see at @AW_Europe.
Tweet : Mar 18th 2017 19:59
RT @dentsuaegis: 'Creativity defines the future' Reflecting on the powerful messages from our Global Leadership Conference. @janelinbaden h
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 15:41
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: Have you got what it takes to crack the code? Join us and play at #AWEurope 21-24.03.17 #TomorrowToday
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 18:54
RT @dentsuaegisUKI: Join Tracy De Groose at #AWEurope on 21 March @ 15:15 for "Renaissance: A New Creative Value System"

Chevrolet  - CoDriver
(General Motors )
We re-imagined the test-drive, creating a VR experience that showcased the features of a new vehicle
Oct 25th 2016 16:18:56
Auto Trader - Little Sister
Auto Trader
(Auto Trader)
Little Sister
Through the eyes of a young boy, Auto Trader's new TV ad shows how they give consumers access to 3 times more buyers than any other site.
Sep 4th 2015 14:33:39
Pringles - Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Pringles pranks Ibiza crowds
Advertising/Creative, Digital
To launch Pringle's Summer Karaoke Kit promotion, we pranked young revellers in Ibiza. The reactions are priceless!
Jul 24th 2015 15:16:38
AYGO - Aygo 360
Aygo 360
Advertising/Creative, Digital
A cross platform web experience that used gyroscopic technology on mobiles, allowing people to explore the new Toyota AYGO in a virtual showroom.
Jul 10th 2015 11:50:51
Kellogg's - Personalised Spoon
Personalised Spoon
Advertising/Creative, Digital
We delivered Kellogg's largest on-pack promotion (122m) across 32 countries in EMEA, giving consumers the opportunity to own a personalised spoon
Jul 10th 2015 11:24:29

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