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@darrellkofkin thank you so much!
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RT @andrewdimitriou: Andrew Dimitriou: why Y&R will be stronger | MAA @YoungRubicam @YR_london
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In honour of the #NationalCheeseLoversDay ???? (yes, it's a thing) ... and because #YRLondonLovesJan
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Hosting top secret @BBCOne production in the office today ???? Keep posted for all the info on the 31st
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Absolutely delighted! #lovemrsclaus
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@jameslatham_ Thank you!
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We are now Y&R London!
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Because #RKCRlovesJan... and jam ????
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Thursday inspo with some beautiful work from @wcj_news roster of photographers!
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@Jason_scott that's exactly why we're treating ourselves ??
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A very excited bunch for #RKCRLovesJan lunch!
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@G__Sarah Welcome to the family! ????
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We are the agency that made time stand still. @TUIGroup @BiggiHilmars
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In honour of the day ???? #christmasjumperday
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 15:25
CSO Emily James shares some really interesting insight about tech trends for 2017!
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The mood in the office this morning post Christmas party is much lifted by the fact that Mrs Claus made the list!
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Nothing is ever complete without a snow machine ?????? HANDS DOWN to the absolutely fabulous Gillian & Bloom for organising!
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Getting in the festive spirit, the RKCR way ????????
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Looking for a great read to start the week with? Look no further than private view with CCO Jon Burley.
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@Addsorg @marksandspencer she totally does, doesn't she! #lovemrsclaus
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@YoungRubicam Thanks!!
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Yes, very well done you handsome bunch!
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Massive congrats to the team ????
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FANTASTIC news!! Our very own @Psembi has been ranked top 5 creatives on David Review, MASSIVE congrats you star ????
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 17:19
CSO Emily James hosting a networking session of how we create a more supportive environment for women to work and progress in. #GoGirls !
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@Bax3803 @marksandspencer thank you - and we completely agree! #lovemrsclaus
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@KB_Voiceovers They truly are, aren't they! Thank you for your kind words, #lovemrsclaus
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@atroyshow @YoungRubicam @marksandspencer it makes us so happy to hear you think that, thank you! #lovemrsclaus
Tweet : Nov 17th 2016 11:37
RT @missjonesreps: Lovely review in today's @Campaignmag by @shnoosee of @EustaceSays work for RBL through @RKCR_YR
Tweet : Nov 17th 2016 09:03
Our latest ad for @marksandspencer food just got the 5-star treatment on David Reviews. YAY! via @JasonAtDavid

Thomson - Moments
Thomson's new campaign showcases the special moments it provides for holidaymakers at its resorts.
Dec 19th 2016 10:28:12
M&S - Christmas with Love
Christmas with Love
We are the agency that gave Mrs Claus her moment.
Nov 14th 2016 14:03:56
M&S - Adventures in Exotic
Adventures in Exotic
We are the agency that loves prawnography.
Sep 20th 2016 15:28:25
M&S - Back to School
Back to School
We applied the 'Art of' treatment to M&S’ range of School Uniforms.
Sep 20th 2016 15:13:00
RKCR/Y&R - This is not just any agency. This is the agency that...
This is not just any agency. This is the agency that...
Now open for Food, Fashion & Home.
Sep 12th 2016 11:59:51

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