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Tweet : Oct 15th 2016 02:34
Our juniors had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Bob Isherwood. Hearing how a didgeridoo shows an idea can be put into anything #LIA
Tweet : Oct 14th 2016 03:41
Our boys on stage with the fantastic @TheSharkDaymond and @HarringtonKevin with invaluable advice from Prof. Saras Sarasvathy. #LIA2016
Tweet : Oct 12th 2016 10:43
A moment of calm in Las Vegas before it all kicked off @LIAawards. A great first day of talks, thanks to all the speakers! #LIA2016
Tweet : Oct 12th 2016 10:35
Our creatives @JonnyPalm and @AndyRussell07 are out in Las Vegas this week @LIAawards stayed tuned for their highlights #LIA2016
Tweet : Oct 10th 2016 09:58
As the dust settles on London's Social Media Week, @cath_hope's done us a favour & picked out her highlights #SMWLDN
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2016 16:52
The cake theme continues! ???? Happy Birthday Ben and @cath_hope
Tweet : Sep 29th 2016 11:27
Looks like cake's back on the menu, boys and girls #coffeemorning
Tweet : Sep 29th 2016 11:24
Cough up for cake #MacmillanCoffeeMorning
Tweet : Sep 29th 2016 11:12
Banana bread mmm #MacmillanCoffeeMorning
Tweet : Sep 29th 2016 10:04
Not only is today #NationalCoffeeDay, it's also Naked's Coffee Morning for @macmillancoffee. The stars have aligned #destiny
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 10:44
Check out these game faces #fruzzaval
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 10:30
Day 3 of #Fruzzaval – Agency 'Guess Who' for Towelgate (long story)
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 09:01
Team Naked representing football #fruzzaval day #foosball #officesports
Tweet : Sep 27th 2016 08:29
RT @Lorenzofruzza: Cosplay 2 @NakedEurope
Tweet : Sep 27th 2016 08:29
Hi five who can guess all 4 #fruzzaval
Tweet : Sep 26th 2016 16:40
RT @cath_hope: #StrangerThings dress-up for Zo's last week #Fruzzaval @nakedeurope
Tweet : Sep 26th 2016 16:40
They're a lot of #Netflix going on here at #Fruzzaval
Tweet : Sep 26th 2016 16:38
#Fruzzaval – a week long countdown celebration of Lorenzo's last week. Today is Cosplay Monday.
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2016 14:28
We're excited that @cath_hope will be speaking at this year's @eurobest
Tweet : Sep 21st 2016 13:52
Here's @annafogg speaking to @shotscreative about how retailers can halt the loyalty decline (clue: not with points)
Tweet : Sep 20th 2016 09:48
Important piece by @lucytobin & @phoebeluckhurst bringing an industry issue to a wider audience (also featuring the views of @cath_hope)
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 17:12
Back in Naked HQ, toast platters by @AndyRussell07
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 11:18
"The term 'Social media' will probably be defunct 10 years from now" – Guy Norwell
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 11:11
"If we're really bring innovative, we should be failing some of the time. We need to invest in the known and unknown" – Claire Hoey #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:52
"We are dealing with massive budgets. We're not handing the keys to 21-year-old hipsters on their fixies anymore" – Ben Shaw ???????? #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:49
Next up, Social in 2020 by BBH.
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:36
"Social media reduces the burden of discovery. It's easier to discover a view that is contrary to your own" – Emran Mian #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:32
"How does long-form journalism survive in an environment where it doesn't get the most clicks or easily monetised?" – Nic Newman #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:16
"We've moved towards the era of scarcity to the era of abundance. The more polarising, more emotional sentiments get the attention" #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 15th 2016 10:09
Nic: "It's a platform where anyone can have a voice"
News : May 29th 2015 by Alex Manning
Creative Brief's latest issue of BITE features Naked's 'Ready to Fly' initiative for Virgin Atlantic Airways as a lead case study.
News : Mar 16th 2015 by Alex Manning
Our friends at Heineken have asked us to develop new innovative products for their Trade publicans. Time to get to the lab.
News : Mar 2nd 2015 by Alex Manning
We're proud to announce our latest client, Burger & Lobster. Let the feast commence!

Brew - Bauhaus: A Blueprint for Brand Purpose
(Naked Communications)
Bauhaus: A Blueprint for Brand Purpose
Brand strategy
Naked Brew: unconventional thinking applied to the industry’s hottest topics.
Dec 3rd 2015 15:15:39
eBay - eBay Elves
eBay Elves
We’ve launched #eBayElves, a social concierge service making Christmas shopping easier.
Dec 3rd 2015 11:33:38
HearAngel -
Naked have launched, a website dedicated to LimitEar’s revolutionary HearAngel app that will be developed later this year.
Jun 19th 2015 14:15:44
danio - Release your #HungerCry
Release your #HungerCry
Naked have launched their #HungerCry campaign for danio. The campaign includes influencer activity, VOD and OOH posters in retail locations.
Jun 11th 2015 12:59:20
WWF UK - Wear It Wild
Wear It Wild
Creative production
WWF UK has chosen Naked Communications to launch ‘Wear It Wild’, the charity’s first national fundraising event being held on Friday 5 June.
May 29th 2015 13:24:04

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