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Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 14:05
RT @bpbp: Turns out these guys weren't just Made In Chelsea - great job from @Third_City, @bainser and @JenniTrimlett making this one happe
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 12:55
A lot fun working on this as @BinkyFelstead & @oliverproudlock discover where they're really from!
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 10:24
We have a new recruit today, Bella #bringyourdogtoworkday
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 09:58
Congratulations to @Zanawr and Henry on their beautiful wedding at the weekend. Try not to miss us too much over the next few weeks!
Tweet : Jun 14th 2017 11:33
RT @ESfeatures: #BoroughMarket reopens today and @Fish_o_wick has a guide to a day feasting there
Tweet : Jun 14th 2017 10:43
RT @markrlowe: Lovely and surprisingly emotional project we've been working on with @AncestryUK
Tweet : Jun 14th 2017 10:40
RT @LovingDalston: .@Third_City
Tweet : Jun 8th 2017 10:49
Still so proud of our #OutsmartEpidemics campaign with @wellcometrust, watch the video ---> #CIPREXCEL #PR
News : Jun 8th 2017 by Graz Belli
We won Best Use of Digital and Best STEM Campaign at the CIPR Awards for Let's #OutsmartEpidemics for the Wellcome Trust.
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 16:12
This afternoon we're celebrating @Zanawr's impending nuptials ????????????????
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 09:59
@CIPR_Awards Thank you - a good night was had by all.
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 09:29
Congrats to all the winners at last night's @CIPR_Awards, what a great evening! Full list here: #PR #CIPREXCEL
Tweet : Jun 7th 2017 07:21
@bcedinburgh @markrlowe @wellcometrust Was great to meet you!
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 22:23
@JoshFeldberg @hannahisom @CEPIvaccines @Blackwood_C Wish you were here!
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 22:22
@GuideDogs_Comms @CIPR_Awards Thanks guys ????
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 22:20
#anotherone ????
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 21:58
RT @CIPR_Awards: Tonight's #CIPREXCEL STEM Campaign award goes to @Third_City + @wellcometrust! Brilliant work on their 'Let's #OutsmartEpi
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 21:58
RT @3GemResearch: @Third_City another one of you #yourwinningmoment! @CIPR_Awards @3GemResearch #CIPREXCEL
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 21:58
@Sonya_Roberts @CIPR_Awards ????
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 21:55
@Sonya_Roberts @CIPR_Awards Thanks Sonya! Where are you guys?
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 19:16
Great to be at #CIPREXCEL with our friends from @wellcometrust to celebrate #outsmartepidemics
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 15:17
Anyone at the #CIPREXCEL tonight? @grazbelli @markrlowe and @Blackwood_C will be there!
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 15:05
This afternoon... #CisionWorldTour
Tweet : Jun 2nd 2017 14:41
Happy birthday to the fantastic Jen Cook - sorry it wasn't a cake made of sausages.
Tweet : May 25th 2017 17:15
A few of the offerings from today #creative #CDW2017
Tweet : May 25th 2017 17:08
Not to the pub, obvs. Office is round the corner!
Tweet : May 25th 2017 17:08
Checking out our new home in Clerkenwell, we move in 30/6 #excited
Tweet : May 25th 2017 16:33
The team getting creative @ClerkenwellLDN #CDW17
Tweet : May 24th 2017 10:48
RT @eZonomics: ING Robot goes on tour to teach kids about money via @Finextra
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:36
RT @prweekuknews: Bupa takes on @SeymourPR and @Third_City to strengthen UK PR support: #pr #comms @BupaUK https://
Tweet : May 18th 2017 10:55
Absolutely over the moon with this new client win!
News : May 16th 2017 by Graz Belli
We've been nominated for three CIPR Excellence Awards including Outstanding Mid-Sized Agency, Best Use Of Digital and Best STEM categories.
News : May 16th 2017 by Graz Belli
Former designer and menswear blogger Nick Bain joins as Senior Creative whilst Account Director Robyn Percy joins from Roche Communications.
News : May 9th 2017 by Graz Belli
The agency has been hired to work with Karmarama and PHD on the launch of the price comparison sites car finance product.
News : Dec 22nd 2015 by Mark Lowe
Third City has been appointed as the retained consumer agency for the Expedia brand in the UK following a multi-agency way pitch process sup
News : Dec 16th 2015 by Mark Lowe
Third City is now working with Money Advice Service, the independent service set up by Government to help change the way people handle... read more
News : Feb 4th 2013 by Mark Lowe
Third City has been appointed by Groupe SEB (UK) to handle all consumer PR communications for Tefal, Krups and Rowenta. More here:... read more - Exposing Car Finance Deals
Exposing Car Finance Deals
Public relations (PR), Social
An undercover mystery shopping investigation uncovered the true cost of car dealership finance
May 17th 2017 10:45:57
RBS - A Day In The Life Of A Bank Manager
A Day In The Life Of A Bank Manager
Public relations (PR), Social
To mirror RBS’s focus on local bank managers, we ran profile-raising campaigns across multiple citie
May 16th 2017 12:07:30
James Ellington - Road To Recovery
James Ellington
(James Ellington, )
Road To Recovery
Public relations (PR), Social
Helping injured Olympian tell his story of recovery to secure TV commentary work whilst convalescing
May 16th 2017 11:24:37
eHarmony - Attractive Reads
Attractive Reads
Public relations (PR), Social
We mined eHarmony data to show that our favourite books make us more attractive to the opposite sex.
May 16th 2017 09:58:12
The Crunch - Launching the Crunch
The Crunch
(Wellcome Trust)
Launching the Crunch
Branded content, Public relations (PR), Social
We teamed up with Wahaca founder Tommi Myers to create the first 'planet friendly' breakfast
Aug 24th 2016 12:41:52

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