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Tweet : May 23rd 2017 20:50
Snap Goes the Instagram, Body Bottles & Why #WTF Might Be Your Next Marketing Strategy via @AdvertisingWeek:
Tweet : May 18th 2017 18:33
Today is our annual celebration of the people and the work that make Critical Mass. Follow along and help us celebrate with #CMMYs!
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:38
CCO @cbrady looks back on winning campaigns & nods to one of this year's most promising entries via @moreaboutads:
Tweet : May 16th 2017 15:58
RT @1hundredagency: Here's how @criticalmass designed @QuinnipiacU's #Webby award finalist student-centered site experience.
Tweet : May 15th 2017 16:22
Check out the @AdAge Lowdown featuring our latest for @Clorox Bleach:
Tweet : May 10th 2017 15:13
Senior strategist @jasonholley1 believes that instead of giving a ‘nod’ to personalisation, we should go for a bear hug.
Tweet : May 9th 2017 23:11
What's @ZocaloGroup talking about? Annoying brands, the Amazon advertising juggernaut and the awe-inspiring impact of negative reviews.
Tweet : May 9th 2017 20:54
Thrilled to be at the #BIMAHOF in London inducting Dame Stephanie Shirley into the Hall of Fame. An inspiration to us all. #BIMA100
Tweet : May 9th 2017 20:15
Linda Duncombe talks abt her role as “The Voice of the Customer” & her distaste for disruption w/ @Fintech5Podcast:
Tweet : May 7th 2017 16:23
Our own @cavacas weighs in on the hype surrounding #AI via @adage - check it out.
Tweet : May 5th 2017 16:08
Check out @ryoshu latest piece about #VR in @advertisingweek IRL ASAP. "Headset, Ready, Go!":
Tweet : May 4th 2017 16:12
Can’t believe it’s been a year since @1hundredagency launched! @briancrimmins9 reflects on an amazing #YearOne:
Tweet : May 4th 2017 16:07
RT @1hundredagency: Our own @BrianCrimmins reflects on #YearOne & how @Omnicom's new #nonprofit agency is already changing the game: https:
Tweet : May 3rd 2017 14:09
RT @adage: Is it AI or BS? Here's why the answer doesn't matter -- DigitalNext by @criticalmass
Tweet : May 1st 2017 16:35
Is #AI?BS? Our VP Technology @cavacas will walk us through the fracas via @AdAge -
Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 19:57
RT @digifestTO: "As technology gets smarter, the more likely we will rely and use it more." - @grantowens @criticalmass #DigifestTO
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 20:22
Join @grantowens as he talks about the end of clicks, swipes and gestures at @digifestTO tomorrow! More here:
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 21:05
Proud to share that our @SAP work has been recognized as a Finalist in the @EffieAwards! Check out the work here:
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 19:03
RT @StrategyOnline: Nissan and @criticalmass use VR to show off how the Rogue's safety features would fair in the world of Star Wars https:
Tweet : Apr 20th 2017 16:40
Don’t miss @grantowens discuss AI-driven voice interaction at @digifestTO next Friday! More here:
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 20:18
Last chance to vote for @QuinnipiacU to win a #Webby award in the Mobile Sites & Apps category. Vote #QU here:
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 20:38
The CM Nissan client team is having a fantastic time at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando! #SWCO
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 18:33
Last chance to win an Aston Martin, meet Daniel Craig and help remove landmines with our good friends @UNMAS:
Tweet : Apr 12th 2017 16:00
RT @jfolkmann: Infiniti Has Built A Bot To Compare Its Hottest Q60 To Other Cars And You Can Talk To It - @critical
Tweet : Apr 7th 2017 16:02
RT @VRScout: Drive Through A Battle Zone In This Nissan Star Wars VR Experience via @KlyeOnFire
Tweet : Apr 7th 2017 15:58
RT @UNMAS: Help UN Global Advocate Daniel Craig & UNMAS save lives on the International Day for Mine Awareness HERE:
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 17:23
Super proud our @McKinsey work is an ofc @TheWebbyAwards Honoree! Take a look at the award winning work:? #Webby
Tweet : Apr 5th 2017 20:44
Our people are on the move and making waves—check out what @mandmglobal has to say about it.
Tweet : Apr 5th 2017 20:07
RT @TheDrum: Nissan Rogue unlocks immersive VR battlefield to celebrate #StarWars #RogueOne hitting stores https://
Tweet : Apr 5th 2017 17:23
Congrats to @QuinnipiacU client & team for achieving #Webby Honoree & Nominee status in @TheWebbyAwards. Vote #QU:

Critical Mass Toronto & Calgary - Move to Canada Eh?
Critical Mass Toronto & Calgary
(Critical Mass)
Move to Canada Eh?
With a 1000% spike in search traffic on “how to move to Canada”… The CM Guide for moving to Canada.
Mar 11th 2016 16:34:35
Travel Alberta - The Thrill of the Rockies in 360
Travel Alberta
(Travel Alberta)
The Thrill of the Rockies in 360
Time has a way of slowing down when you’re in the snow zone. We captured this in 360 Cinemagraphs.
Mar 11th 2016 16:16:20
Butterfly Home - Butterfly Home website
Butterfly Home
(Butterfly Home)
Butterfly Home website
Butterfly Home is a safe learning center & surrogate family for wrongly imprisoned children in Nepal
Mar 11th 2016 16:16:07
Famous Five Foundation - Pink Tea Conversation
Famous Five Foundation
(Famous Five Foundation)
Pink Tea Conversation
5 women discussing the right to vote. The Pink Tea conversations as an audio / art installation.
Mar 11th 2016 16:15:51
UNMAS Sweeper - Digital, Social media
UNMAS Sweeper
(United Nations)
Digital, Social media
Digital, Social
Using Apple’s iBeacon we created a land mine simulation titled, Sweeper, debuting it an exhibit at the New York New Museum.
Sep 8th 2015 17:48:03

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