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Ascot Racecourse, Royal Ascot - A World Like Nowhere Else by Antidote
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Royal Caribbean, Where Extraordinary Happens by Hometown London
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Fiat, Forever 500 by krow communications
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LEO Pharma, NY:SKIN by Antidote
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Nike , Vapormax Lounge by XYZ
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NCS, Change your Summer by Ogilvy & Mather London
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Haribo Gold Bears, Kid's Voices (Boardroom) by Quiet Storm
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Hula Hoops, Hands Full by BMB
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This Girl Can , This Girl Can (second phase) by FCB Inferno
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Rimmel, Live the London Look by BETC London
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“In a short span of time, Creativebrief were able to understand Group’s brands, objectives and culture. Come deadline date, we were super excited to have found an amazing agency that was the right fit for our business and culture”.

Shakur Shidane, Head of Brand , Group

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Skeletor, you’re so MoneySuperMarket.
Mother London
28.03.2017 09:05:38
Virgin Media
This is Fibre
Bringing to life the unparalleled entertainment that customers enjoy with ultrafast…
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
27.03.2017 17:51:00
Love is On
A pop-up beauty studio designed to drive excitement around Revlon's new brand positioning.
27.03.2017 17:45:54
Heinz Tomato Frito and…
Heinz Frito and Sofrito Social Content
Social media video content to support the launch of Heinz Tomato Frito and Sofrito.
27.03.2017 16:42:29
We are what we do
This campaign recognises that NatWest is responsible for what they do not just what…
M&C Saatchi
27.03.2017 16:36:28
Change4Life Be Food Smart
A food tracker app, that helps parents monitor their kids' salt, sugar and fat intake.
M&C Saatchi
27.03.2017 16:36:17
Royal Mail
In an age obsessed with digital communication, we reminded people of the value of…
M&C Saatchi
27.03.2017 16:36:00
Rail Delivery Group
Britain Runs on Rail
New campaign unveiled for Rail Delivery Group.
M&C Saatchi
27.03.2017 16:35:23
Ready to speak up
The No7 Ready philosophy empowers women to be in control of the way they show up…
M&C Saatchi
27.03.2017 16:35:07
The Share Centre
Making online trading easy
An app designed to give people the support, advice and information they need to…
Rufus Leonard
27.03.2017 16:22:28
Scottish Widows
Change Your Life In An Hour
Demystifying the pension process through an integrated campaign across OOH, digital…
Rufus Leonard
27.03.2017 16:22:14
Time to Change
Listen, Don't Judge
Encouraging young people to think and talk differently about mental health issues.
Ogilvy & Mather London
27.03.2017 11:33:25
Tackling the phenomenon of #PettyPilfering and light-touch security issues with…
27.03.2017 11:03:31
Discover the different sides of Jura
We created a series of VR videos to transport people to the most 'un-get-at-able…
BD Network
27.03.2017 10:15:36
A year in social
A look back at easyJet's year in social media.
VCCP Partnership
24.03.2017 17:51:18
Feels Like Femfresh
Multi-media launch of the New Intimate Shaving Collection from Femfresh.
24.03.2017 13:38:35
Kymira Sport
Kymira Sport - Never Give Up
Never Give Up. Our promotional film for KYMIRA Sport, and their innovative sportswear.
23.03.2017 16:50:11
Start Something New
Kingfisher's first multi-country advertising campaign, to introduce their new DENIA…
Leo Burnett
23.03.2017 13:26:55
Royal Voluntary Service
Redefining Old Age
OAP: a contentious, loaded acronym. We wanted to reclaim it and so redefine what…
Quiet Storm
23.03.2017 12:18:51
Guinness Let's Get Together
A global toolkit for on and off-trade to put Guinness back at the heart of St Patrick’s…
23.03.2017 12:01:11
Helping Optrex in the blink of an eye.
Eyedrops reimagined as technical equipment.
Havas London
22.03.2017 19:35:43
Transport for London
Master Improvements
Master Improvements is VCCP's first poster campaign for Transport for London.
VCCP Partnership
22.03.2017 18:41:41
Follow the Rabbit
O2’s latest integrated campaign by VCCP.
VCCP Partnership
22.03.2017 18:19:31
Karcher Window Vac TV Ad
2017 advert for Karcher's Window Vac
Live & Breathe
22.03.2017 17:15:08
Volume Shake Mascara
Cara Delevingne and her squad launch new Volume Shake Mascara through a music video…
BETC London
22.03.2017 16:42:29
Hard Fired Launch
Roll out of Ballantine's Hard Fired (a travel retail exclusive) activation across…
22.03.2017 14:51:19
The Challenger Project…
Challenger Brand Profile: Comviq
An interview with the Marketing Manager at Comviq, Lotta Onajin
22.03.2017 14:42:34
The Challenger Project…
Challenger Brand Profile: Pip & Nut
An interview with the founder of Pip & Nut, Pip Murray
22.03.2017 14:37:21
NOW TV's foray into DM
How we doubled NOW TV's combo sales week on week.
22.03.2017 12:38:12
Win at Sleeping
The wonderful everyday starts with the wonderful everynight.
Mother London
21.03.2017 18:09:05
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